RAM Never Advance Tennin (NFL S01E01)

sheriley 12

Tennin deck with which I participated to NFL S01E01 RAM tournament. Won 2 and lost 2 games.

RAM large sets: Honor and Profit, & System Gateway

RAM small sets: A Study in Static, Mala Tempora, Kala Ghoda, Business First, The Liberated Mind, Fear the Masses, Intervention, Quorum, Station One, Earth's Scion, Down the White Nile & Midnight Sun

"d:c e:sg|hap|asis|bf|dtwn|eas|ftm|in|kg|mt|ms|qu|so|tlm"

The basic idea was a never advance Tennin deck with only 2-pointers. Fourth advancement counter either with Tennin ability or Seamless Launch. Urtica Cipher and NGO Front added to look like potential 5/3 agendas. As I knew that the boat was in the pool, I tried to select ice with multiple subroutines (such as Komainu).