The Holo Commandments (Undefeated @ Toronto CO)

formerteen 1463

get it? like "holy commandments?" but holo. you know. because of holo man. and sudden commandment.

alright, you already know what it is. score a reeducation and then put enough cards back into the runner's deck deck that neurospike will kill them.

here's what's new: traditionally, this was done by install-advance-advancing the reeducation or using double seamless. now we have three more combo piece options in the form of the holo man, who also happens to be much more flexible in both comboing and in general play. a traditional combo victory is install reeducation and holo man into the same server and then next turn click holo man, play seamless, and play neurospike. this is the simplest way to win. but there are plenty of other options enabled by the absolutely busted sudden commandment. this card can allow you to draw into combo pieces and play those pieces for a grand total of 5 and 0. it is bananas. this makes it more feasible to do things like double-neurospike (which is rarely but occasionally necessary). it also just (clicklessly) jams cards into your hand, which is often necessary for firing the combo, and can just be an excellent tempo card for a rich glacier deck building towards a combo.

the deck went undefeated in a recent toronto CO: two kills and two score-outs in swiss, one more kill in the cut (where my runner lost two games). i was first in swiss, losing only one game in the final round. mulch is probably a bad matchup but i thankfully dodged that one. other than that, i think it's a pretty brutal deck in most matchups, especially if it gets a decent opener.

i have little desire to tinker with this deck—the combo is known and the novelty of playing it wears off after a bit—but here are a few recommended edits. drop the digital life for a third commandment. drop the wraparounds, which just feel less relevant in the current meta, and replace them with something a little chunkier. the deck also needs more ice in general, though the only potential cut i can see would be an attitude adjustment (and i'd be hesitant to do so).

good luck to you perverts who keep massaging this deck into something even more brutal. i cannot walk this road with you any longer, however. at least, not for now...