Licensing the Holo Commandments (2nd @ Merseyside CO)

TheRealLap 28

This is minor modification from Joshua(formerteen)'s Holo Commandments, where you can find more details about the core strategies there. Below is a more detailed discussion of the changes I made:

Wraparound Sucks

The function of Wraparound is to serve as a gear check and an AI hate. However both decks that run those two menance would have assortment of an-sw-ers to it.

(At the time of writing this menace was yet to be published)

The downside is pretty evident: it's the weakest taxing ice in our deck against all other strategies. With this veulnerability in mind, let's explore what other options we have in NBN/Neutral, given that we cannot spare influence.

The list is annoyingly short with half of them vulnerable to Cleaver which is every anarch's go to and is widely imported. Pratically the choice is now between Endless EULA, Palisade and Data Loop, where all three pieces of ice cost 3 credits to break with Cleaver. After further playtesting, EULA became the primary choice for still being an AI tax, not crumbling due to having fewer than three subroutines and taxes more against greedy decks relying on only two breakers.

But Lap, couldn't the runner just pay 6c?

My answer (while not a great one) is that it doesn't really change our play pattern from before, as that is our game plan to begin with. To paraphrase a part of Adam(lif3line)'s CO winning deck write-up(which you should definitely check out for more discussion):

By making any card in the remote a potentially game winning threat, we force the runner get knocked way off tempo just to play an unfair wager in our favour.

To be honest, if I can play 2x Anansi in this deck without influence cut I would swap without hesitation. Though that may just be the Jinteki enthusiast in me speaking.

Now that our ice cost have now increased, the cut of Enigma for another another economy is pretty straight forward. YDL was chosen because of its synergy with the numerous card draw effects we have.

This deck went undefeated on the day but that is the norm of corp decks.

Many thanks for Sauc3 for running this tournament and for feeding me despite me loitering around until late evening.

Run safely and hope you don't get neurospike. - Lap

31 Mar 2024 TheRealLap

Update: I am not happy with Arruaceiras Crew being more popular beyond Seb