Barney's Virtual Tour

kevintame 447


This is basically Wilfy's Stinson CI list with a few modifications.

I added two Crisium Grid to deal with Information Sifting and Indexing Spam. I also added two Mumbad Virtual Tour to help in the goal of getting them down below 6 credits. It worked in 3 of my games. It also had the positive effect of keeping them from running HQ or RD when I had a face-down upgrade. They never knew if it was Bryan Stinson, Mumbad Virtual Tour, Crisium Grid, or Cyberdex Virus Suite. After dropping the Shipment from Tennin I had a spare influence so thebigunit3000 suggested I add an IP Block which was pretty useful on the day.

I only lost one game the entire day with it and that was to basson in Swiss on his MaxX deck. It's a pretty even match and I'd happily play it again. I had some misplays and some agenda flood and he played perfectly which usually means you lose.

Overall, I think this deck has a good matchup against most of the field.

PS I know this seems obvious but don't face-check a Fairchild 3.0 after losing a click with MCA Austerity Policy I had 3 very skilled opponents do it on the day and I think it cost them the game as I was able to Stinson the next turn to lock down the game.