Cable Car Asa (2nd Sweeps Week Asynch - 4-2)

gilesdavis 350

My remix of excellent deckbuilder and all-round great dude CableCarnage's SSCG Asa (original list here).

My first King of Swiss (Sweep x2, ID x2 into the cut), got knocked into the lower bracket in the first game of the cut. Luckily I got to play more of my Maven list and slogged it through to face the eminent lostgeek in the final showdown. The Mighty Maven crushed game 1, as it eats Palana's for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Unfortunately Asa (more my not quite optimal play) just couldn't get me over the line in game 2.

Slots I tinkered with during Swiss were -1 Lakshmi +1 Gatekeeper, and -1 Slot Machine, +1 Crisium.

Big thanks to Vale for organising, was a blast <3