[TAI ETERNAL] Laguna Lock Hayley

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Hello! In the run up to Worlds, NSG are running a series of Eternal events to get people introduced to the wild high powered world of Netrunner's largest format. To help, I'm publishing a series of Eternal lists to give folks a taster for what the format has to offer and ideas of where to go with your own Eternal deckbuilding! I'll link them all below for ease of reference. Enjoy and hope to see you all Siphoning and Violet Level Clearance-ing soon!

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What does Laguna Lock Hayley do?

Points Used:

Crowdfunding 2pts

Employee Strike 2pts

Bloo Moose 1pt

Film Critic 1pt

Newer players might be familiar with a prevailing sentiment of Shaper being a "bad" faction that promotes "unpleasant" or "prison-like" gameplay. To that I say, "hang on, I might have a response to that".

This is my favourite deck of all time. It's as pure control as you can get. This deck is money, draw, and tech cards and on paper, is potentially the best deck in Eternal. You want to make money with Crowdfunding, sell them to Aesop's Pawnshop, and then use Laguna Velasco District to draw a bunch of cards, which you can double install thanks to your ID. Anything you throw out can be turned into straight cash thanks to Bloo Moose.

This deck just prints money, and because we're shaper, we get to play a bunch of tech cards so that we have a solution for whatever the corp throws our way.

Regular score out corp? We have money and powerful icebreakers. Next!

Fast advance combo? We have Clot plus Clone Chip and Indexing. Next!

Kill combo? We have New Angeles City Hall, Plascrete Carapace and Film Critic. Next!

Net damage grinder? We have money and Feedback Filter. Next!

Assets? We have money, Paricia, and Employee Strike. Next!

Now, don't be totally fooled. While this deck is extremely powerful, it's hard to play. Your ID gives you lots of power and flexibility, but you have lots of decision points and need to navigate the early game carefully so you don't just die before you can get your lock established. But when you do, you're incredibly hard to stop. There's no real win condition card here, but that's because we don't need one. The goal is not to win the game, it is to stop our opponent's from winning. If you get bored just Indexing lock them. There's definitely room for adjustment here, this list is a little constrained to make sure we have answers to everything, but you can certainly free up space by cutting some tech.

If you have any questions about this list or eternal in general, feel free to comment below, check out the #eternal channel on the GLC discord, or hit me up on discord! I'm always happy to talk about my favourite format.

Thanks and hopefully see y'all playing some more Eternal soon!

24 Aug 2023 awildturtok

Would this deck work with an Endurance for the Console slot? Given that you're already running for Crodwfunding. Or is Astrolabe just Asset spam tech disguised as a console slot?

24 Aug 2023 anarchomushroom

@awildturtok Endurance just doesn't really cut it in Eternal. It's very expensive and as you can see by the corps I posted, breaking ice isn't really that important in Eternal. Astrolabe is just 1c 1MU console that has upside against assets.