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Hello! In the run up to Worlds, NSG are running a series of Eternal events to get people introduced to the wild high powered world of Netrunner's largest format. To help, I'm publishing a series of Eternal lists to give folks a taster for what the format has to offer and ideas of where to go with your own Eternal deckbuilding! I'll link them all below for ease of reference. Enjoy and hope to see you all Siphoning and Violet Level Clearance-ing soon!

Other Eternal Lists

Brain Rewiring CI

Bladderwort IG

Butchershop NEH

Asset Ob

DLR Maxx

Laguna Lock Hayley

What does Reg Andy do?

Points Used:

Account Siphon 3pt

Crowdfunding 2pt

Aaron Marrón 1pt

Aumakua 1pt

Good ol' Reginald Crim. Doesn't matter if you play Standard, Startup, Eternal, Big Deck, Okorina, cube, whatever format you play, there's gonna be a reg crim deck, and Eternal gets the best of the best. This deck is just chock full of the most efficient and powerful blue cards with a smattering of bonuses from other factions. The points list does a great job at breaking up this raw value decks so there is some decision making in what you include. Do you bring Temüjin Contract? Account Siphon? Crowdfunding? The list here is what I think is the best for reg crim but this is probably the most maleable and adaptable list I've published!

The goal is simply to play your best cards and adapt to the corp's gameplan. You have some disruption in the form of Siphon and Corporate "Grant", but the main goal is to control both sides of the board, and overwhelm the corp in value, pivoting to a Medium lockout to win. There's not a whole lot really to say. This deck is very powerful and can be chopped and changed depending on what you expect and want to prep for. I've gone for a pretty general suite here but there's tonnes of ways you can flex this deck into being prepared for any meta. If you don't know what Eternal deck to play and need something a bit general, look no further and let the Disposessed Ristie (what actually is a Ristie?) guide your way.

If you have any questions about this list or eternal in general, feel free to comment below, check out the #eternal channel on the GLC discord, or hit me up on discord! I'm always happy to talk about my favourite format.

Thanks and hopefully see y'all playing some more Eternal soon!

22 Aug 2023 tzeentchling

Very tempted to use Hermes instead of Desperado. Leela vs Andy was always an argument, so why not be both?

22 Aug 2023 anarchomushroom

@tzeentchlingI think Hermes has potential but Desperado is just bonkers good. It's a big cost not playing it. There's also matchups where Hermes just isn't as strong but who knows, vs Rewiring CI I think Hermes might be bonkers.

23 Aug 2023 percomis

@tzeentchlingYou can Rebirth into Leela.

26 Aug 2023 Runaway

Andy was an A-rist-ocrat.