Medium Dig Siphon Repeat (S.-Petersburg Regionals Winner)

woland 103

Pretty standart Criminal I have taken to Russian Regionals this year. Blue Sun and PU were beaten in swiss and SoL Butchershop. DLR Andromeda and Grail Palana in top cut. Lost only once versus same Grail Palana deck in swiss.

General strategy and card choices are very common, here is explanation for couple of tech slots:

Exploit was more of experiment, actually never had opportunity or need to use it. Emergency Shutdown is much better and flexible for derezzing problematic ice.

On the Lam is for Butchershop with MCA Informant into your Aaron Marrón. Also helpful against random Snare! In PU matchup.

Rebirth is very cool, I think I’ll slot it in every Andromeda deck before rotation. Leela is obvious target and Los can be devastating vs Blue Sun.

Film Critic is such an awesome answer if there is Midseason treat, or if you are playing against Jinteki.

Peregrine and no Gordian Blade, because you need 3 influence for second Medium a lot, it provides so much pressure and you need it in early or midgame when you have your criminal advantage over corp and can snowball for victory.

Single Datasucker helps your killers and decoders handle promlematic ice, like DNA Tracker, News Hound etc

Sneakdoor Beta can be a great surprise factor for your opponent overall, great answer to this Caprice Nicei HQ.

29 May 2017 percomis

Why not Abagnale instead of Passport or Peregrine?

29 May 2017 woland

Terminal Directive was not legal.