Artificial Cryptocrash

Artificial Cryptocrash 4/2

Agenda: Initiative

When you score this agenda, the Runner loses 7credit.

The line goes up... until we don't need it to anymore.
Illustrated by Wyn Lacabra
Decklists with this card

Midnight Sun (ms)

#49 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)
Midnight Sun
  • What happens if the Corp scores Artificial Cryptocrash when the Runner has fewer than 7?

    The Runner loses all of their credits.


I love a lot of things about this card. I love the theme. I love that Laramy Fisk, the Savvy Investor is on the TV, having apparently lost a lot of money. I love that the flavor text references the famous Line Goes Up video about cryptocurrencies.

I love all those things about this card. I just don't love the actual card's effect.

4/2 agendas are awkward. They just are. I know that in the current environment, 3/2 agendas are a lot rarer now, and 4/2s are kind of the default, but even so, it's difficult to pick and choose when you are going to score a 4/2. You have to telegraph them at least somewhat by advancing them once, while 3/2s can at least potentially survive on the board for a turn or two, if you're feeling gutsy. But that's a lot harder with 4/2s, because runners are just too curious about anything in a server with advancement tokens on it. (and rightly so - especially in a faction that doesn't have as many traps.)

So why does this matter?

Because the effect of this agenda - a 7 loss from the runner - is highly timing dependent. If you score this when the runner has zero money, (because, say, they just blew it all trying and failing to get into your remote, or because you correctly identified a scoring window because they needed to spend a turn rig-building) then you don't get much benefit out of this card, beyond the points.

And the sad truth is that that's going to happen more often than not. Because if the runner had 7 at the end of their turn, they probably could have gotten into your remote if they wanted to. I guess you might luck out and hit someone who spent their whole turn gaining credits, but I think it's going to be far more common to cost the runner 3-5 than the full 7.

I don't know. Maybe other people have had different experiences with their runners than I have had. I just feel like if I wanted an agenda that would cause a big credit swing, I'd play something more reliable, like...

But hey, maybe you just want to see that smug Laramy jerk cry because his collection of ugly monkey pictures is now worthless! And you know, I wouldn't fault you for that at all.

(Midnight Sun era)