[2nd @ SoCal Regional] Grandma Gag

enkoder 686

After winning the NorCal regional playing Gag without ever rezzing SIU I knew that Gag was still very much in a good place. I dropped the 2x SIU for 2 grandma's, sea source, closed, and a malia.

The deck was undefeated but I only played 4 games. R1 bye, R2 sweep, ID, ID to 4th place in the swiss. Byes are broken. In the cut I played Jeff on a mining accident FC Val and Alexis on a super cool stealth Hayley.

Congrats to Pat on the win! I had a great time at the SoCal regional and I am very fortunate to be able to compete with such amazing players and class act people.

5 Aug 2019 TyrellCorp

Shout out to closed accounts