Sonic the Titanhodge (22nd at Euros)

Saintis 378

My modifications on the Gotta Go Fast archetype of Titan FA. This deck is only trying to Fast Advance, no rush plan at all.

It went 5-3 on the day, winning to 2 Adams, one Indexing MaxX, one Pirate Hayley and one FtT Valencia. It lost to ff0x's spicy Imp Smoke turn 1, and to a Ken and another Indexing MaxX.

The game is often decided on whether R&D is working in your favour, so it certainly is high variance.

Significant card choices:

Agenda suite: Standard Titan suite, 3 GFI since it's only 2 points for runner, 3 Atlas cause that's your best card and best agenda in the game, 3 Hostile cause they are easy to score, and 1 New Construction since you can score it from hand with RecCon and Dedication Ceremony.

NGO: it's here to ruse out the clot from Shapers, and make you money to pay for Biotic Labor. It's done good work but makes your R&D a bit more porous. Certainly better than Rashida in this deck I would say.

Executive Boot Camp: mostly to tutor the Reconstruction Contract, but also to shuffle after an Indexing, to save you an Atlas counter.

Cyberdex: more Shaper tech, and also helps a bit against Aumakua.

FA Suite: 3 Biotics, 3 Audacity and 3 Dedication Ceremony + Reconstruction Contract, standard Titan tools.

Money: 3 Hedge Fund (and the 2 NGO). I swapped a Paywall for a Hedge Fund to help pay for the 3 Biotics.

Counter-currents: 2 Paywall, I found 2 + 3 Hostile Takeovers enough to clear E-Strike. Sometimes you have to score an Atlas with no counter, but it's still 2 points.

MVP Card: Shipment from MirrorMorph, this is so very good in Titan, lets you score Atlas from hand with RecCon under Clot threat, lets you score GFI. It's good!

Ice suite: This is all about the tempo boost to you. 2 Bailiff instead of Ice Wall since the Bailiff still nets you money when you have a bad pub. 2 Watchtower instead of Enigma or Hortum since its face-check is brutal and still forces the runner to fetch their Decoder. 2 Errand Boy since its 6 to break fully with MKUltra so you often get a card or credit from it, and you can rez it without forfeiting an agenda (sorry Archer, you have been replaced).

General good plays: icing the first Illegal Arms Factory, makes it stick longer which matters a lot. Sticking Errand Boy on R&D to counter indexing. Bailiff on HQ to net you money when they start poking it.

Executive Boot Camp is probably the weakest card in the deck and could be replaced for other good cards.