Thimblerover (Boston GNK Jank Night)

HimboBaggins 19

This deck was put together hastily the night before the Boston meta's special Jank-off GNK. Despite not winning any games with it, I had an absolute blast piloting this and at the end of the night it had the honor of being voted #1 spiciest jank on the corp side. Thank you to everyone who played/organized that event, it was so lovely to meet you all and I will try to make it down for some of your regular meetups when I can!

There are already a lot of things I want to change with the list in a doomed attempt to make this nonsense competitive but here was the original idea. The core plan is to get a Thimblerig rezzed as soon as possible and play a Rover Algorithm on it. The rest of the ice in the deck is mainly there to be swapped with Thimblerig and force the runner to encounter it multiple times on a run, thus triggering the rover and permanently adding strength. Even better if you can get an Eavesdrop on that same Thimblerig because paying into a trace triggers the GameNET: Where Dreams are Real ID ability and nets you money multiple times per run. Wave exists solely to tutor out your thimble and Pivot to grab your installable events.

In practice it was hilarious to swap that one ice around constantly. In the first game against an Arisanna deck there were 6 cards installed on my thimble; netrunner achievement unlocked.

Changes to be made: An early version of the deck was using Pravdivost Consulting: Political Solutions as the ID and included Ice Wall as a secondary defense. That way runs would buff 2 ice at once and I think I might go back to that plan. If I do I will drop the Eavesdrop since I never really had any tag punishment to begin with and it would no longer be needed to trigger the GameNET: Where Dreams are Real ability. It could also use more ways to bait runs without putting agendas in a server I know I can't defend yet. Probably want to swap out Ubiquitous Vig for NGO Front. Also I think I may want to slot in Gaslight in place of Pivot then use the influence saved to add another copy of Adrian Seis or some other defensive upgrade.

11 Aug 2023 Chaostheorie7

I was the Arissana player and it was an excellent game! We didn't have time to actually swap sides and play the other game, but this one was so fun. Worth it! :)