Ubiquitous Vig

Ubiquitous Vig 1[credit]

Asset: Advertisement
Trash: 4
Influence: 2

You can advance this asset.

When your turn begins, gain 1[credit] for each hosted advancement counter.

They say they'll only take a handful, but oh what big hands they have!
Illustrated by Adam S. Doyle
Decklists with this card

Midnight Sun (ms)

#52 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)
Midnight Sun

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Me, getting my vig creds: Haha fuck yeah

Me, having to advance my vig manually: wtf this sucks

This card has a very hard time seeing any real life outside of Pravdivost Consulting: Political Solutions because the only way this card is worth the click to install and credit to rez, would be getting free advancement counters. If you spend anything more than this, it's going to be real hard justifying an entire card slot for these.

It's hard to rely on this for any solid amount of econ in your deck because of the math it presents. Outside of that the other uses of this card would be to fake something dangerous like a trap, or useful like an agenda. Either way the runner is going to have to check it out once it hits 2 advancements. And if you put this behind ice then you'll have to pay to protect it, or you spent that click pretending to protect it.

Best case option is just to play it in a server while you're waiting for the real assets/agendas to show up - or just playing it naked and forcing them to go look at it and waste the money. It's a little underwhelming in power and it's hard to rely on it for any one use case.

(Midnight Sun era)

Obvious comparisons to the aging PAD Campaign, which cost 1 more to rez but pays off immediately. Similarly there is probably a lot of math homework on whether Marilyn Campaign pays off better, or the old Adonis Campaign, and where the breakpoints are.

But to me where Vig shines is when the runner is poor, or you're sitting Vig behind a couple pieces of ice waiting for an agenda to come up that you can drop in and try to score, or you make Vig so snowbally that the runner HAS to deal with it, at great personal expense to themselves (which I found to be around 3-4 advancement tokens) and if they can't you have a runaway gravy train. And until rezzed an advanced Ubiquitous Vig can somewhat be used as bait (obviously).

Otherwise this card seems tailor made for Pravdivost Consulting: Political Solutions. Depending on the board state you might not have any cool ice to advance, and can just throw a token onto Vig and reap the benefit next turn. Again, very easy to grow the card from a "eh I should trash that" to "I have to run that server right now". At some point (when you're getting a free Hedge Fund a turn) it's almost worth being gimmicky and putting an upgrade into the same server (would be funny beside a Manegarm Skunkworks or even a Prisec or a La Costa Grid haha).

Of course Pinhole Threading puts a stop to a lot of the fun, as that card tends to.

(Midnight Sun era)

Value in terms of tempo is already done by others, I come with another perspective of the role of the card.

Ubiquitous Vig as punisher / advantage pushing.

Having NO limits in advancing allows constant snowballing once the runner makes a misplay / overcommits and unable to challenge the remote as a result. This is currently the only card that can grow in advantage over time, albeit requiring La Costa Grid or commitments in clicks. In conjunction with Sandburg, it can punish runners trying to go for a efficient breaking rig with K2CP Turbine by growing too big for them.

(Parhelion era)