I TRIPLE dare you! - 1-2 @Montreal GNK 2023-07-08

Diogene 3941

Original deck notes:

Triple advance anything in the remote and watch the runner squirm.

See the original write-up here. If you want to see it in play against Andrej, check his video here.

The first game was won against Adam (piloted by Nick), thanks to 5 advancements put on a naked Clearinghouse. Then it lost to a 55 cards deck Esa (piloted by Eric), gloriously milling it to 3 cards, with 6 points scored but unable to draw an agenda to close the game. And finally lost to Adam (piloted by Paul). In each game, a triple dare was put on the table at least once and Kakurenbo was used multiple time for the enjoyment of all.

If I could, I think I might try to put in more econ in the deck, probably replacing one or two DNA Tracker for Hansei Review. Maybe putting in one Mitosis could be fun also. But Rashida Jaheem was never needed.

It was a lot of fun and many giggles to pilot this deck, especially in person, where the runner in front see you putting a card with 3 advancements on it. It is a special feeling for both players. And yes, you have to say it then (as I did) : "I triple dare you!"

Thanks to all for the fun games and enjoyable event. The Montreal meta rocks! Cheers!