I dare you, I double dare you, I TRIPLE dare you!

Diogene 4023

Triple advance anything in the remote and watch the runner squirm.

See it on stream here.

I dare you

Mulligan plan : ices or credits, maximum one agenda.

Game plan : triple advance an ambush or agenda, watch the mind game unfold.

While trying to make a Saraswati Mnemonics: Endless Exploration deck, using shell games and Mitosis, I came realized that Saraswati could not only put any three cards with an advancement on the same turn, but can also put one asset or agenda with 3 advancements on it on the same turn.

Which also means that you can get it to 5 or 6 advancements the next turn. Of course, you would score if it is an agenda, but otherwise, the runner will have to ask themselve the big question : "do I check this or do I let it sit there?" With 6 advancements, it can either be Urtica Cipher, Cerebral Overwriter or Clearinghouse. All of which will hurt... a lot.

Now, if they do not check it and it was Urtica Cipher or Cerebral Overwriter, start all over again. You can bluff more than once.

You'll notice that the most popular card for corp in standard is not there. Yes, it is intentional that Rashida Jaheem is missing. I found it to be actually too much gas for this deck. You do need lots of credits to pull off those 6 advancements behind ices, hence the Regolith Mining License, but having a lot of draw power was actually seldom needed.

As an additional combo, you can put an agenda with 2 advancements on the board and give it additionnal protection with NAPD Cordon, making it cost 8, on top of breaking ices.

Kakurenbo help you keep every threat alive. while also pushing the mind games.

Gene Splicer, along with Hybrid Release, will let you get that 7th point to close the games.

Magnet is there because Botulus seems to be in 75% of runner's decks (also, Anarch is currently super popular).

Shoutout to Pouchsurfer, who commented the first iteration of this list.

Now, look at the runner, smile, and say it : "I dare you, I TRIPLE dare you!"