Intimidation of Resources (King of Swiss 7th Derby Regional)

Haberdash 15

I decided against Mumbad City Grid and didn't really have problems taxing on the remote. I did very well against reg decks, but had more trouble with the more exotic criminals. I'm not sure if the ice suite needs tuning.

Voter Intimidation would have been great if I hadn't lost every psi game I played with it.

Marilyn Campaign was actually pretty good considering the number of times I clicked for credits. Taking a few setup/money turns can be really good, and Marilyn makes it better. Celebrity Gift might be better, but Mti works better without it, it makes it harder to play around Clan Vengeance, and Embezzle is a card.

Chiyashi was often much too expensive to play. I might cut it for something cheaper, but it is sometimes exactly what you need.

IP Block was good against Aumakua but I'm not sure if it was bad giving more tags to a tag-me deck. 2 to rez probably makes it better than something like Envelope, but I might try that for the gear check/face check combo.

Thimblerig was really bad against Aumakua, but there's at least 30% of games where the swapping is very good.

Excalibur was great when it gave me an extra out but often a bit of a dead card. It's probably worth it.

Losses were only to Liza Talking Thunder. Those decks are monstrous and you probably need to get lucky to lock them out early enough. Tag me gets way too much value against a deck that can't punish it.

Matchups were Liza, Find The Truth Val, Reg 419, Leela, Brahman Hayley, and Counter-Surveillance Liza.