Heinzel - 6-0 at my local SC (10 people)

TugtetguT 2006

This type of Geist build has been called "Heinzel" on my NRDB account since worlds :-)

I took out some stuff to make room for the 2nd/3rd copy of Aumakua and Dean Lister. Making it very hard to rush out against the deck. Also removed Paperclip for the The Source, which was the most important card on the day.

I played against Titan Trainsnational 4 times during the tournament!! Last two games were against Punitive Palana which is a very favoured MU for Heinzel even if they stick a scarcity.

Overall I'm happy with the changes, but I'd like to fit PolOp back in and possibly Turning Wheel as well.

3 Apr 2018 MergeBandit

I've been loving this deck. How do you feel about using Corporate "Grant" instead of Interdiction and "Freedom Through Equality"? Seems like a no brainier in Geist, especially with the Street Peddlers?

3 Apr 2018 TugtetguT

I think the choice between those two is really hard. I went with currents that are mostly there just to get rid of Scarcity of Resources, but with a good secondary use. Find the Truth won me 2 games during the tournament and I wouldn't cut it not even for Mad Dash. I primarily want PolOp back to be immune to upgrades with that and Interdiction. Corporate "Grant" seems like a 3-off if you choose to go with it, and I just couldn't find that slot (already running 46 cards). I also think that maybe for Geist its not the right current since most of the time you couldn't care less about your opponents credit levels. Even if your opponent plays around Interdiction I think that has good value in it self, especially considering NGO Front.

3 Apr 2018 TugtetguT

Not find the truth.... "Freedom Through Equality" :_)

3 Apr 2018 BizTheDad

I've experimented for a while not using Calling in Favors because at times it seems like a win more card. I've also experimented with running one or two instead of all three. Thoughts?

3 Apr 2018 PureFlight

My experience with Favors is that it works like a mid-game Gamble and a late-game Stimhack. So it's good enough. Especially in a build like this where you're not making all your money off of B&E breakers during a run and have to spend actual credits.

4 Apr 2018 TugtetguT

@BizTheDad I have the same experience as @PureFlight, they are also really good if you get scarcity locked, but maybe cutting 1-2 as you mention is worthwhile if "Grant" turns out to be better than Interdiction - or for the PolOp. Will have to test that, or have you come back with your test results :D

4 Apr 2018 BizTheDad

`@TugtetguT In my testing -- I've tried between none and three Calling in Favors's -- two is the sweet spot. I usually end up discarding one early if I have three and I usually end up Peddler'ing my only copy if I have one. Having two allowed me to open up a slot if I wanted to stay at 46 or drop down to 45.

Keep in mind that I didn't go undefeated in a Store Champ like you did. Also, I'm sure you'd kick my ass with either variation which wouldn't be anything new :).