MaxX's ability is incredibly good. Basically you have a Wyldside every turn without losing a click. The down side, trashing 2 cards from your stack, is pretty bad, but it doesn't damage your reliability.

Going through your stack quicker means that there might be some issues against PE or the like. Luckily, Runners will be drawing cards anyway every turn against PE, so MaxX is essentially getting an extra click.

Important cards getting trashed is an issue here, but there are a few cards for recurring in faction (Déjà Vu, Retrieval Run), and, of course LALA out of faction.

MaxX should be played very aggressively. Winning early on is good, so that you won't have to worry about getting anything back.

All in all, MaxX is a very strong identity. Personally, I'm not too fond of her, but her ability is so good, I made a deck for her anyway.

I'm thinking about making [[TestRun]] work with [[MaxX]] by using [[Wyldside]] (and [[Adjusted Chronotype]]?) to draw the the card you just test-ran (as opposed to trashing it). —

Comparison to Jinteki: Personal Evolution:


  • 2 rather than 1 damage, or a tag, which is probably worse than damage.


  • Only triggered when the Runner steals an agenda, so it doesn't work when you score one.
  • The runner can decide which one, so if they have clicks left, then they can happily take the tag, and if they have Plascrete Carapace, they can take the meat damage.
  • There are plenty of tag-me Runner decks that just have plenty of Plascrete Carapace or I've Had Worse that don't care. They'll just take the tags, and sometimes they want them. (Data Leak Reversal)

All in all, I think this Identity is trying to be a PE, but is failing.

If the runner plays tag-me relying on IHW, then Traffic Accident would help snipe those out of his hand. —
The main difference between Argus and PE is the faction. I agree that just comparing the abilities, PE is probably stronger. However, PE can't run Scorched, Punitive, and Traffic Accident in the same deck. —