Assimilator actually makes this card lose the draw back of having your cards flipped. After an Apocalypse it's easy to get your setup running again in a few turns just by installing Assimilator and click-clicking the necessary pieces back up.

For example, if the corp doesn't have any ice to slap on the centrals just flip your Turning Wheel or Aumakua and go to town. If you flip a Rachel Beckman first, it's not even going to take you much effort to bring the whole rig back and keep clicking runs, cards or credits either.

It's pretty neat. Can build a big rig Apex with Morning Stars and shiet and just flip them back up after apoc.

Just a quick note. Adjusted Matrix + Endless Hunger + e3 Feedback Implants might be an interesting combination considering the 11 strength of EH. Some Out of the Ashes for those turns where you want to Apocalypse and so on. Might make Endless Hunger a really good breaker and maybe give Apex another lease on life.

At least until e3 Feedback Implants rotates (as far as tournament players are concerned). —
Adjusted Matrix will enable a lot of shenanigans. Specifically I think it'll bring back the Quetzal, E3, Cutlery deck, taking the place of Always Be Running (and doing a much better job). Using it with Apocalypse could work, especially with Out of the Ashes, but it will be a real pain losing it after the Apoc. —
One way of getting through ICE with Apex, that I've wanted to try is EH w/ Adjusted Matrix, then throw in Street Magic & Tracker. Kill any EtR subs, prevent one from firing, and/or rearrange in the desired order. —

This can have an advancement (or multiple advancements) on it now when played by using Mumbad Construction Co. if you decide to invest at least 9 credits when rezzing. Same for Woodcutter.

Rez Tyrant > Move advancements to Tyrant from Mumbad Co. > ??? > Profit.

(I'd rather do it with Woodcutter).

PAD Factory and Tennin too. —
To be clear, PAD factory and Tennin add the counter before Rez because they don't require that the card be advanceable. —
Toss in an Anson Rose so that, when it rezzes, it instantly has tokens, or potentially a Chief Slee if there are enough end the runs on it to force them to break as many as possible... —

Resets EVE and Adonis campaigns or adds more money on one as the credits stay on them while derezzed. Can also be used during a run to stop ice destruction events from firing (Spooned, Forked, Knifed). Should work best as a one-off for resetting all your money makers in an asset heavy HB or glacier.

Correction: Timing structure is [paid abilities, rez, score] -> [turn starts]. So it would be impossible to fire the card twice. So the paragraph below is false. As it was mentioned in the comments, I'll leave it here.

You could also potentially use it to fire "at the start of your turn" effects multiple times. Early Early Premiere for example. Rez the card, use the effect, rez this, derez that card, rez it again.

Thank you for explaining why I'd want to use this card. It wasn't immediately apparent to me and I had just glossed over this one. The best I came up with was derezzing Chimera to change its type. —
Your last paragraph is incorrect for two reasons. First, there is no paid ability window during "start of turn", so you cannot fire Test Grounds. Second, even if you could fire it to derez and re-rez (e.g.) Early Premiere, the second rez would be too late to be triggered by the "start of turn" phase. —
There is a paid ability window before the turn starts, but, yes, it couldn't fire twice. Rezzing, derezzing and paid abilities would happen before the turn starts so you could waste a derez on it, but it would still fire only once (Rulebook - Timing structure of turns). —
You could also (jank alert) derez cheap, early game Draco, so you can make it more relevant later in a game. Or Elizabeth Mills, if that's how you play. —
It'll help with the upcoming NBN identity as well, which drains runner credits when you rez advertisements. —
You can also derez an ICE that has been parasited, since it has no strength it won't die taking up one of the runners MU and preventing parasite reuse with clonechip or dejavu unless the runner trashes the parasite themself. —
BoomFrog that's a pretty trollish move. The downside is if it was expensive ice you've got to rez it again after the runner trashes the parasite, for a net profit to the runner. —

It gives you an exchange of credits for power to dig through your deck for what you need.

You click to install for X. Use those X counters to dig through your deck and maybe find what you needed. Draw it with the second click and perhaps you still have some counters left on the arena (which allows it to potentially be used multiple times with a single install) and a few clicks to play the card you drew.

Obviously the more counters you stack on it the better it is for finding anything. It is a tutor which can find anything, but becomes very expensive if you want it to be more effective.

For what its worth, decks with Aesop's can sell this with 1 counter left to save 2 credits... —