Study Guide is an interesting breaker that can ramp up as the game progresses, in theory. A corp will typically start by installing cheap ice until its economy can support something more expensive. This means you can throw down Study Guide and increase its strength as needed. Rielle "Kit" Peddler: Transhuman no longer has to decide between Torch and ZU.13 Key Master or Gordian Blade

In practice this isn't the case. Some of the most common early ICE are Enigma and Eli 1.0. Who wants to pay 9 credits to install and break Enigma. 13 for Eli? No thanks! Even if Study Guide is beefed up for the rest of the game, that credit hit opens a scoring window the next turn.

That being said, in combo with Personal Workshop and Stimhack, Kit can really make it shine. So is it worth one brain damage to install and boost Study Guide's strength to strength 3? I think so, if you're running Plascrete Carapace.

It can work in Nasir too if, but I don't think as well, unless your meta is full of multiples of Tollbooth and Lotus Field.

Eli is a barrier so Study Guide is largely ineffective anyway. But, as you mentioned, the sheer cost to break through small to mid-sized code gates leaves this in Leviathan territory. It's just somewhat inefficient compared to other options. —
It's all Shaper. Except for Kit or Nasir, in most cases they play slow and sometimes forfeit an early access for late dominance. It's a tradeoff for inevitability. Criminals HAVE TO act fast, because in late game they run out of tricks. Shapers roll out slow, but steady and unstoppably - and Study Guide is an embodiment of that philosophy. —

Lets face it, potentially giving a runner two points is hardly an appealing risk to take when Biotic Labor is an in-faction alternative. But lately, the executives have been given some help to mitigate the downside.

Consider: Shi.Kyū can mitigate the agenda points scored.

NAPD Contract has warmed up Corps to the idea of making a runner pay for agenda points, and 5 is one more.

If playing Jinteki, Philotic Entanglement gets a little better if she is in the runner’s score area

Executive Boot Campcan get her out when you’re ready for her

Can somebody say Caprice Nisei?

And with Order and Chaos out, the ultimate help in hurting the runner: Self-destruct. It gives thr runner a nice slap in the face!

These cards are all making it so she is playable. An extra click is so powerful she is worth experimenting with.

Here's my attempt:

Does she grant the extra click on the turn she is installed? —
Not installed, but rezzed, yes. —