Casting call is interesting because it allows the Corp to use one of their agendas to openly taunt the runner. Although two tags wont completely deter most runners, Combining Casting call is probably best applied to already taxing agendas.

Agendas like Fetal AI, NAPD Contract, TGTBT,Explode-a-palooza or Award Bait, can become extremely devestating. The runner is forced to choose between letting the corp score or take a painful, and possibly game ending, tempo hit.

The second place I expect Casting Call to get played is in Wayland decks. There is obvious synergy between Casting Call and the new 'install faceup' agendas ( Underway Renovation , Oaktown Renovation , Hollywood Renovation). Since these agendas need to be installed face up anyways, and Wayland excels at punishing the runner once tagged (Dedicated Response Team, Scorched Earth), there's very little reason not to splash a Casting Call or two.

Enhanced Login Protocol + Casting Call in RP == You're keeping a tag. I'm not sure how useful that is, but it's basically a guarantee of a tag, barring Film Critic, Forger, NACH or the like. —
I'm confused. Casting Call tags on access, and Film Critic reads "when you access". If you're accessing, you're getting tags. —
Here's how I understand Film Critic works in a situation where going against casting call, or any taxing agenda. The runner accesses the agenda, triggering Access effects; Because the runner is the active player they choose the order of effects and have film critic activate first. Film critic then hosts the agenda, which is no longer being accessed, so the other access effects dont get to activate. The runner can then move the agenda from film critic to score area without access or expose. —
Just to clear - the active player doesn't CHOOSE the order in which the constant effects resolve, just his effects resolve first and then the inactive player's. —
Pretty sure the runner *does* choose, if there's more than one effect that's being triggered on the runner's cards. —