Seems like a great agenda for HB Fast Advance decks - if you manage to score this early, it's basically two Biotic Labors worth of extra benefit - so a gain of 8 credits and 2 cards / clicks worth, with the only disadvantage being you can't "play" both in the same turn - but you don't really need that. Score this, then every other 3/2 agenda you have in you deck, and you have at least 6, is scorable from hand. Score 2 out of those 6 and you win (be mindful of Clot though).

Alternatively, if the board state allows, you could install an Accelerated Beta Test and activate the Elective Upgrade token next turn, so you have a click left to install a Jackson Howard and / or play Archived Memories / Friends in High Places to fix any misfires. It also saves you the influence you previously had to spend on Global Food Initiatives, so perhaps now you can fit another half of a Caprice Nisei or a Tollbooth?

The downside is of course that now the runner can win stealing 3 agendas, since you're no longer running the GFIs.

The problem with 5/3's in a fast advance deck however is that by their very nature they don't advance very fast. So even if you get them at the right time (a big if) you're going to have them relatively exposed since fast advance decks typically are weak in the remote defense department. —
It could work out in a rush deck though, fast track for this behind some good gearchecks. HB generally got plenty of cash anyways. —
Also Preemptive Action WRT misfired ABTs. Don't forget Jeeves. Jeeves+EU token = score Corporate Sales from hand (I've done this with Jeeves+Biotic a lot). Jeeves+Biotic+EU token = Score 5/3 from hand. Anyway, it's the first 5/3 for awhile (ever?) that makes me even think about taking out my GFIs. —