Everyone else has spoken already, but I want to join the praise. Kabonesa is very fun, very different kind of shaper -- regardless of her overall power (which seems high to me, but what do I know). Her innate, self-destruct-discount-tutoring opens up a range of cards that were previously seen as pretty unwieldy. While Self Modifying Code is obvious and an old standby, Customized Secretary gets a turn as a killer-ish app -- it's 1 credit! As others have identified, Origami and Ekomind have a reason to exist. This also might allow her to use some of the specialty breakers from Terminal Directive ( i.e. Adept and Savant )that require excess memory. Alternatively, she works well with her console Daredevil as 2 card infusion when running big servers can help get events into your hand. Otherwise, my challenge with Kabonesa memory limits when trying to install the trashable programs that install the programs you actually want -- although this can be overcome with careful planning.

So she's good at setting up -- but to be honest, many Shapers are good at that. What I have found to be so interesting about her is the speed at which she can recover. In a recent game, I wiped my whole rig out stealing a pair of Degree Mills. Next turn, after I summoned a Customized Secretary from my stack, I was back up and running. I feel that this supports her flavour/feel of a fast moving thrill seeker. If everything blows up on a run, oh well, I'll worry about that next turn.

ekomind and daredevil are both console tho —
Whoops good point. I will adjust. —