Sometimes a veteran Netrunner player can get a little jaded. Playing IG, Gagarin and CtM games are certainly fun and challenging. But sometimes you want the purer experience. Or you just want a good ID to introduce someone to Netrunner with a casual game.

Sportsmetal is here for you! The increased chance of a steal makes the game enjoyable for the runner while simultaniously softening the blow for the corp with a nice little boost. Games are usually not that long, making for a good tournament choice as well. This ID can go incredibly fast without feeling unstoppable (why i prefer it to Titan Transnational).

Looking back this ID also highlights what a well designed jewel the Reign & Reverie pack was as well. I keep coming back to this card and i never had a bad game with it. Bad draw, sure. But thats just in the game.

When i saw this card way back in my first core set i immediately knew what Weyland was all about: Making money. For some reasons this boring effect has encapsulated so much flavor for me and i had a soft spot for it ever since. Weyland has a blunt approach to everything and cash solves a lot of problems.

You can try to go for the kill plan with a HHN deck packed full of operations and it's certainly fun. Supports a more rushy aproach as well when you try to out-money the runner and score behind some early ICE. I would have liked to have a more diverse set of transactions from a design perspective. They just almost all provide you with money (which i have to admit kinda makes sense) but this also leads to a very predictable game play.

The problem is: Blue Sun is just way better at making money, getting the important tool of building blocks lately. Some of the HB transactions have also left the game one way or another. So don't expect to see this one too often, especially as the game is entering it's late stage where it gets more and more solved.

I like to think that this ID is still pulling the strings from the shadows, out there trading to expand the consortium.

Hot take: This card should have been printed with and AND instead of an OR.

The tempo gain is just not significant enough to help Sunny in the early game. Sure there are ways to boost link, but they also cost money (escpecially the console) and most importantly clicks. So it is essentially a mild version of a multi card combo. Such a shame, because i really like the ID.

Don't get your hopes up for this one, folks!

Office Space is solid just as it is. If it said 'and' that would be insane. 2 creds for 4 cards is a completely reasonable draw effect. The fact that it's got an emergency cash option and upgrades when you play your console is all gravy to that. —
It also rewards synergy in a deck built around chains/beating traces. Sure it might not make the top cut for a S-Tier deck, but if you are still commenting on a card game that stopped having official tournaments over a year ago, you are probably playing for fun, so let’s lower the bar a bit, experiment and have fun! —

I have to preface this review with a small disclaimer: I think this card is really well designed and was at the time a much needed countermeasure (get it?!) to ice destruction and probably still is.

If the runner foolishly throws a hippo on the table and doesn't use it that turn this ice immidiately goes to the outer position of the most important server if you kept it in hand. I think against anarch it is incredibly strong but in all honesty no runner wants architect to fire. It becomes a prime target for Ika and Kyuban in Shaper, because you can't destroy it either. This ICE also survives an Apocalypse. So far so good.

In turn this ICE gets rid of my favorite core set experiences against HB unfortunately and turns HB into a Jinteki light faction. You now can't facecheck without your sentry breaker! No clicking to break subroutines with this guy. A small caveat, i know. I still wish you could break this for two (or even three) clicks.

The fact, that this card is not on the MWL (currently NISEI 3.3) says a lot more about the meta than i would like. It's not enough to print good ice for the corp, because the runner economy is off the charts.

The effect is obviously incredibly strong and a lot easier to set up than Nisei MK2 or Bio vault. You can also just wait till the runner breaks all the other ICE in this server and then trigger the effect. Most decks that want to win by scoring at least consider including this piece of ICE. And thats fine, sure. There are lots of powerful cards that see extensive play in other archetypes (Looking at you HHN!).

My problem is, that the resulting gameplay can be quite frustrating for the runner. Not many reviews include a perspective on the fun that cards lend to the game or in this case (in my opinion at least) take away from the game. And I'm willing to conceit, that there are very similar cards that have similar effects, the ones mentioned above, ash and batty, etc., but for some reasons these don't annoy me as much. I think it comes down to psychological reasons. I ALREADY BROKE THE ICE! YOU CAN'T MAKE ME GO BACK!

Bottom line: Put this bad boy on the restricted list already and leave it out of your kitchen table meta. Thank you for coming to my talk.