Unfortunately this card is the reason that Apex can never EVER be given a good replacement for Endless hunger. While Adam and Sunny are playable Apex is sorely neglected. They might have just printed all apex cards as anarch. Basically this card killed the minifaction. Sad, sad, SAD. Ban this card already!

Pretty weird, that this card has no bioroid flavour as that seems the primary role for this card (shout out to any NEXT players out there tho keeping the flame alive!). For me this card is a huge flavour win otherwise as it is exactly what i pictured when i first heard the lockdown mechanic. The puny bioroids you were clicking through before suddenly turn ROIDED (I'm sorry).

As to its usefullness i think HB can profit from this card plenty. Sportsmetal can get a nice scoring window and the Fully operational archetype with multiple one ICE servers benefits as well (Just watch out for Inside Jobs/Spear Phishing!). The aspect of telegraphing a score isn't as much of an issue with HB in my opinion. Hell, you can probably goad the runner into somme value runs with your Architects of Tomorrow deck! Excellent card: Bioroid/10

In my opinion by far the weakest lockdown printed so far. This might not be obvious at first glance. Caprice Nisei was pretty strong, right? And it's even 0 cost! Well...

1) First of all this card has the HUGE downside of telegraphing your score. In a faction priding itself on deception and bluffing that is kind of bad. Now the runner can adequately prepared for the steal/your score.

2) It doesn't even do all that much. End the run, are you kidding me? From a flavour perspective this is a huge missed opportunity in my opinion. If Jinteki orders a lockdown there should be all sorts of scary things happen. Maybe accessing ICE chosen by the corp? Maybe running on a different server without the option of jacking out? Switching agendas around or refilling counters on them? Net damage? BRAIN DAMAGE? Certainly very tame for the old treefolk.

3) The effect is NOT automatic. Runners who dabble in Poker tournaments might just win the Psygame. And then what do you do? Sitting there with a bunch of nothing.

4) But isn't the role of the lockdown also to strengthen your bluffs? Lay down a trap and then play the lockdown. I have seen this reasoning pop up and think it's pretty weird. First of all: If you install a card and advance it as Jinteki you are already bluffing! There is simply no need for this card at all, just Mushin like the good old days. Well you might say, the play of this lockdown might just up the stakes for the runner! But the problem is: if you win the Psygame you end the run, preventing the runner from accessing your trap! Why would you play this card in shell game? I just don't get it.

5) Chose a server. HAHAHAHAHAHA. The final nail in the coffin of this card. If you slap down this card the runner might just win elsewhere. All other lockdowns present an opportunity to protect yourself across the board at least and i don't think those are even all that strong.

In summary this card is spectacular underpowered in my opinion. In theory i admire the design space that lockdowns present but with the cards seen so far i don't think they will get used all that much.

<p>I think the fact that this isn't the card that you want it to be doesn't make it underpowered. Plenty of Jinteki decks, including most of the competitive ones, are not any more invested in high variance bluffs than any other faction. Clearly this is designed to score a 4/2 in a well defended server, much as Caprice did. And it's not like last minute ETRs haven't always been a Jinteki thing; as well as Caprice there's <a href="/en/card/01068">Nisei MK II</a>, as well as bounce effects that often work as ETRs in practice. And how can you criticise a Jinteki card for using the psi game when the rest of your review seems to revolve around how much you like bluffing?</p> —
<p>First of: I love psygames :) That is not the point. I think both Nisei MK II and Caprice present more of a lingering threat for you scoring. This card telegraphs very clearly what you are trying to do. In that sense i think the bluffing aspect is very clearly lost.</p> —
<p>I think this is what Caprice should have always been and I am so exciting with the design space that Nisei has created for such a beloved game.</p> —

All of the fine folks suggesting, that this card may help with Obokata scoring might overestimate this card because your install+double advance no longer works. So you either have to sneak this card out unadvanced and then play the lockdown or have some fast advance tools handy. Neither option is really all that viable in my opinion.

In the first case you you need three turn to score which gives the runner options for money/tools or even winning somewhere else. Secondly fast advance in Jinteki is really reserved for 4/2 or 3/2 agendas in my mind. If you really want to protect your Obokatas more i would suggest Ben Musashi or Data Loop (which can die in a garbage fire by the way).

I appreciate the design space of lockdowns, but as it stands they are just too awkward to use for scoring. In a grindy Weyland deck this card might see some use.

<p>La Costa Grid a card.</p> —
<p>Point taken. Still preffer Ben Mushasi because you can set it up earlier and don't telegraph as much.</p> —

Chisel just got a whole lot better with the addition of Devil Charm in Uprising. No more waiting around for counters to built up! -6 strength deals with most ICE and with Simulchip you can recur your Chisel as well. Thankfully Devil Charm can't be recurred. The question of the corp purging virus counters as a counterplay comes up very rarely in my experience, as you want to get the ICE destroyed as soon as you lay down the chisel (using multiple runs, if necessary).

This card also confirms that much of the design space NISEI explores in Ashes is driven by a form of nostalgia. We know that Parasite was broken, but what if it wasn't? Only time will tell. For my part i was happy with Hippo and thought the archetype got enough support already.

<p>I was thinking about the Devil Charm Chisel combo and was wondering if that would work? So you have Chisel on some ICE and you encounter that ICE. Is it about what order you fire "when you encounter"? So first you encounter ICE, fire DC then encounter it with Chisel? Or do all encounters happen simultaneously? Just looking for some clarity on this. Thanks.</p> —
<p>It fires exactly as you describe. Because you are the runner and it’s your turn you can decide what order everything fires in. So yes, you encounter ICE, fire Devil Charm first then Chisel to destroy the ICE before it fires any subroutines.</p> —