This card pairs really well with Komainu and Psychic Field. I had this in front of a Psychic Field in a never advance deck against a Faust - Quetzal: Free Spirit deck. The runner didn't want to sacrifice cards to Faust so early in the game on the first click run. Psychic Field triggered and the runner could only click for credits as he lost his hand (which included 2 I've Had Worse) and waited for the Neural EMP. It's also a code gate so it buffs with Encrypted Portals. This card is terrifying. You should try it out.

That should leave the runner with 6 cards, since Psychic Field's net damage triggers I've had worse :) —
Not if the runner's hit Lockdown... —
You can play this in Jinteki Biotech even without any support cards. Turn 1, put an agenda behind Lockdown, and they have to consider the possibility of a Psychic Field / Brewery turn 2 kill. Zero to rez both Lockdown and Psychic Field, the combo is always active. —