Encrypted Portals

Encrypted Portals 3/1

Agenda: Security

All code gate ice have +1 strength.

When you score Encrypted Portals, gain 1[credit] for each rezzed code gate.

"Binary computing is obsolete. I use a base-4 structure for this system; it's modeled on our DNA. Well, my DNA, anyway." -Doctor Endo, Jinteki researcher
Illustrated by Adam S. Doyle
Decklists with this card

The Spaces Between (tsb)

#24 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)

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Encrypted Portals

If, like me, you have been waiting two years to try and re-make the "Nasty Code Gate Deck" from ONR, this is one of the final pieces of the puzzle you've been waiting for. The ANR reprise of Encryption Breakthrough, this Agenda is a 3/1 instead of a 5/2, which ironically feels harder to squeeze into a deck.


• Provides a soft economic boost when scored, possibly replenishing some of the credits spent protecting it.

• Boosts some Code Gates (Inazuma, Hudson 1.0, Sensei, Shiro, Tollbooth and Viktor 2.0) out of a single pump range on Refractor, pressuring stealth credits.

• Boosts Viktor 1.0 (and Marker) out of native Yog.0 range.

• As a 3-advance to score, you can play Never Advance games with it, or fast advance with I/A/Trick of Light.


• Boosts Lotus Field up into D4v1d range, considerably weakening this Ice vs. Anarch (along with Chum, Bullfrog, Hourglass, Minelayer, RSVP, Viper and Wendigo).

• As a 3/1 it can deform your Agenda scheme if you try to base a deck around it.

• If you're basing a deck around this, you may need to spend a Fast Track to ensure getting it at the right time, and this creates difficulty in scoring in a single turn. Rezzing a SanSan CG will probably eat more than you can profit from scoring this.


• Lots of Code Gates, maximising benefit and return.

Lag Time: if you're making pay-to-pump costly, perhaps go all out?

• Any defensive upgrades that protect Agenda from being stolen (Caprice Nisei/Ash 2X3ZB9CY, RSVP/Red Herrings, etc.)

Wendigo can become a Trick of Light source, advanced once to defend as a Barrier, then advanced a second time before ToL'ing across to EP, reverting it to a Code Gate for the payout.

(Up and Over era)