The best use for this card in my mind is to help leverage Game Day. Dump cards you want later onto Bookmark to get full value out of Game Day. Due to the click-intensity of these two cards, this may work best in a Comet build, perhaps with Prepaid VoicePAD. Hayley Kaplan: Universal Scholar may like this card as a pseudo-Street Peddler to trigger her ability off mid-run Clone Chip and Self-modifying Code installs.

I think it works best with Quality Time, for those times when you hesitate to play it from fear to discard at the end of your turn. Sure, that's click intensive, but it can later provide some protection against damage. —
Another possibility is Levy. You can host cards you have in your grip for easy access after a Levy (or maybe even cards you don't want so you don't waste time drawing them again). —
One side note : it cannot act as pseudo-Street Peddler, since it's not an install-on-the-fly card. Unless you combine it with Savoir Faire or Da Vinci, but it's a janky call. —
It's close enough to an instant-speed install card with Hayley. Keep your "surprise" cards on Bookmark, then when the need arises, pick them all up, install a card of the same type with Personal Workshop, Da Vinci, or Clone Chip. 0-influence replacement for Street Peddler. —
I have discvovered another use for the card. Put all cards onto it - run passed a Komainu, then trash it to put all the cards back in your hand to deal with potential net damage. It may not be something you can keep doing but it is amusing to turn Komainu into a 0 subroutine piece of Ice when you are low on credits and want to complete a key run. I just pulled off a legwork to net 6 points doing that; I may never do that again but I now love this card. —

I got excited about putting this in a Professor deck. Tracers are fairly relevant now, and will only become more relevant after Order & Chaos. Just as I was getting giddy, I remembered: this damn thing doesn't even break all tracer subroutines for 1 credit. Comparing this to Mimic is mind-boggling. Gingerbread doesn't qualify as a silver-bullet. This little idiot is the bullet you left at home, for good reason.


A very exciting ID, most notably for its 40 card deck size and full influence. Perhaps a new home for Deadcoats. The question is, how will we mitigate the loss of Haas-Bioroid: Engineering the Future 's extra credit every turn?


Pretty disappointed with the 'installed' clause here. I would have instead liked it to trigger only when you trash a Corp card, meaning the Runner. this would disallow the overpowered synergy with Noise: Hacker Extraordinaire, but still work with things like Imp and Demolition Run. As it stands, I think it's a bit too situational to see play. Whizzard likes it early, but beyond that, who?

@moistloaf - I am assuming that this also works if a corp trashes an installed corp card too, though. For example, obseolete ice, unrezzed ice with a femme counter, failed traps in remotes, etc. IG does this all the time, and NEH can if you let them abuse architect. So, it may be better than it first appears. —
I look at getting a virus token for the corp trashing a card as a bonus instead of a prequisite. I plan on getting most of the tokens from Incubators, Hive Minds and Virus Breeding Grounds. —
Does not work with demorun. —
Keyhole with Gravedigger would be ridiculously good if that was the wording. But with the current wording it also trashes off of Adonis/Eve/Launch Campaign trashes, and any corp trash effects, including several SysOps. Almost a weaker version of Hacktivist meeting without the ice destruction game plan. —

Unfortunately very difficult to play due to the fact that trashing your own programs trashes the chip. Otherwise, it would have been a great tool for The Professor: Keeper of Knowledge. As printed, it's hard for me to wrap my head around this card. Many builds end up trashing one of their own programs at some point, especially Shapers, which tend to require the most MU. Anarchs have their own solution coming in MemStrips, so it's hard for me to see this chip ever seeing play.