Dadiana plays nice with icebreakers that don't use regular credits. So she is good with Faust as well as Smoke with a stealth rig.

Also, because playing Sure Gamble with 5 will cause Dadiana to deal meat damage, running Easy Mark or other cheap economy options may be warranted for the cautious runner.

Finally, both Personal Workshop and The Supplier allow runners to get cards out of their grip without worrying about taking damage from Dadiana. Just make sure that you have enough cards or credits after installation to survive the meat damage.

Most stealth icebreakers do use regular credits for part of their operation though. And Personal Workshop and The Supplier will rotate out in a few months so that doesn't bode well for Chacon moving forward. —
The Supplier is from the Lunar Cycle, though, so it won't rotate for a while now. And I meant that using stealth credits will help to mitigate the risk of Dadiana dealing damage, not eliminate it entirely. —