Absolutely awesome against resources like loaded Net Mercur or The Turning Wheel; if the runner takes the tags, the resource can be trashed (though Fall Guys may make this harder). If it’s returned to grip, the hard-won counters are lost.

What happens if you trash a hardware card that provides memory and the runner runs out of enough memory for its programs? When is he required to uninstall?

If you want to land tags via Midseason Replacements, the runner might just be running Film Critic in order not to steal your agendas. And if you can't get a tag on them, how are you going to land your kill package? (Film Critic also turns off Punitive Counterstrike.) So, then your evil corporate mind turns to cards like this one. (Rather than Corporate Town which requires an agenda and Weyland influence.)

Moreover, there's a natural companion to Film Critic, and that's New Angeles City Hall. This allows tag-avoidance (great for one-click siphons). But have no fear, Evil Corporate Mind, if someone uses NACH to avoid the tag, then the official ruling is that they have not paid the cost to avoid the effect, and so the connection does get trashed.

“Hallelujah!”, cry Evil Corporate Minds everywhere.

TLDR: use this to get rid of Film Critics who are cramping your Midseasons/Punitive game.

This card synergises in a Armand "Geist" Walker: Tech Lord deck because protecting the program or piece of hardware also gives you a card to draw. At only 1 inf, it might not feel like too much of an imposition in Criminal.

Given the picture it's a little strange that it's a resource rather than a piece of hardware itself. (If it was hardware, it would be vulnerable to Power Shutdown, but it's uses of Power Shutdown that it deals with, so that's hardly a downside. This cute Blue Sun deck is an example of something you'd want to defend against.

It's a wastefully redundant card for Geist, actually. The cloud breakers are not protected by it, as the trash is part of the ##COST## of breaking, and if the corp is power shutdowning for your cloud breakers, that's generally a win for you. It might be acceptable for defending against hardware trashing, but again, in Geist, PS is usually not a threat to your hardware, and if you're facechecking into hardware trashing ice without the ability to answer, you're probably running too early with him. —
Fruggles is correct, you can't use Sac Construct to reuse cloud breakers. However, you CAN use sac construct to prevent Faerie from trashing itself, and get a card for the privilege. —
michael2 did not explicitly state that SC protects the B&E breakers, just that SC enables draw with Armand. Thankfully, tiedyedvortex prefers being helpful with his suggestion. Using SC is a nice way (in Armand builds) to extend the shelf life of Faerie. I like Autoscripter, and I can see an Armand deck with the cloud breakers, Autoscripter and SC being fluid enough to make things happen. —
I can explain the flavour: It's a "remote" Resource, and the flavour text talks about a "jacked construct". I believe what is happening is the Runner is hacking into some random person's thingamajab and rerouting whatever's about to melt their stuff into it. Hence it's not THEIR hardware and the resource from their perspective is the remote connection to someone else's hardware. —