First to say, that I agree with the reviews so far, but Lucky Charm has an extremely important use in the current meta, especially in StartUp where the Anoetic Void Manegarm Skunkworks are dominating the meta. Having one of these in your hand can be a great surprise for a corp that plans on scoring their winning agenda behind a server protected by the aforementioned combo and relies on making you run on their server several times, paying for Manegarm again and again, only for you to hit their HQ and then stop the Anoetic Void on your first run in that server to take their win from their hands and mess up their server. I slot one of those in many of my StartUp decks just because of the surprise value in a meta dominated by that hateful combo.

<p>With Anoetic Void wouldn't they just be able to pay another 2 credits and cards to trigger it again once you had prevented it the first time with Lucky Charm?</p> —
<p>Anoetic triggers when the server is being approached, which only triggers once in a run. Therefore - no.</p> —
<p>@Rahrhino: Nope. Since Anoetic is a "Whenever the runner approaches" trigger, it will only fire once. Once the ETR is prevented, you are already approaching, and Anoetic can't trigger again.</p> —
<p>I guess a good way to look at it is that Lucky Charm is bad against click-taxing cards, and that was what most non-ICE ETR effects were back before System Gateway released. However, it's much better against credit-taxing cards, which is what <a href="/en/card/30042">Manegarm Skunkworks</a> is; and it also happens to exploit the fact that <a href="/en/card/30050">Anoetic Void</a> can tax multiple clicks, but not on the same run, meaning that one of Lucky Charm's main drawbacks doesn't matter against Anoetic in particular. So it works particularly well against the Skunk+Void combo. It'll still be bad if there's any paid-ability ETR effect on the same server, though.</p> —

Cpt_nice does a very good job at breaking this down and I agree 100%. I am here to highlight possibly my favourite splash text in all of Netrunner. The fact that Ken "Express" Tenma quotes the Orcs from 40K, makes for my favourite Easter egg in the game, and I am surprised no one has mentioned it all these years.

<p>Nice!</p> —