Hardware • Install: 1 • Influence: 2

Remove this hardware from the game: Prevent a Corp card ability from ending the run. Use this ability only if you made a successful run on HQ this turn.

Want to win a coinflip? Use a coin with two heads.
Criminal • Elizaveta Sokolova • Downfall 14
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Lucky Charm
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  • NISEI Downfall Release Notes [NISEI Rules Team]

    Can the Runner use Lucky Charm to prevent the “when encountered” ability on Data Raven from ending the run without having to take a tag?

    Yes. Just like with avoiding the tag from Data Raven, the ability only requires the Runner to make a choice. Once the choice is made, whether or not the effect is prevented does not undo or invalidate the choice.

    Can the Runner use Lucky Charm to prevent the first subroutine on Fairchild from ending the run if they decline to pay the credits?

    Yes. Since “unless” designates paying 4 as a nested cost (rule 1.15.10b), the Runner can choose not to pay the credits. “End the run” then becomes imminent, and the Runner can use Lucky Charm on it.

    Can the Runner use Lucky Charm to prevent the Security Nexus trace from ending the run?

    No. Even though the Corp is the one resolving the trace, the ability originated from a Runner card and thus cannot be prevented by Lucky Charm.


Rules doubt.

Does lucky charm also work for any subroutine (for example a wall of static or vanilla)? Or just things that say "end the run" that they're not from the corp?

Are subroutines card abilities?

(Downfall era)
Yes, that is correct. It can be used against WoS or Vanilla or any other normal (single) ETR sub. —