Resource: Virtual • Install: 3 • Influence: 3

All ice is encountered with its strength lowered by 1.

In the public consciousness, there's a hard line between corp and runner. In the real world, things are a little more porous. The corp need the best hackers to run their networks, and some of the best hackers are ex-runners who like the idea of a regular paycheck. But sometimes things run the other way, and someone on the inside makes something like this.
Anarch • Mark Anthony Taduran • Core Set 15
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Ice Carver
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Ice Carver represents the Anarch way of life; slowly and steadily corrupt your obstacle. Gain access through decay.

Let's compare it to its common counterpart: Datasucker.


  • Does not require successful runs or limited virus counters to function. Affects all ice (save Lotus), all the time.
  • Only succeptible to tag-trashing; safer for facechecking.
  • Requires no MU.


  • Costs 2 more to install.
  • Not capable of draining ice strength.
  • Unique, limited to 1 at a time. Extras can be dead draws.
  • Not tutorable at all.
  • High influence makes it harder to splash.

Similar options:

  • Bishop - Best in Caissa decks, uses MU, cheaper, affects 1 ice at a time.

  • Scrubbed - Costly current that affects 1 ice per turn, with unreliable results.

Possible interactions:

I'm surprised its not included in more Anarch decks, considering its a super Datasucker! I know I'll try using it more often, especially in Anarch decks that set up first, run later.

(Order and Chaos era)
Datasucker is used more often because it's tutorable and it's a virus, which triggers a lot of other nifty interactions. Ice Carver's always been too much of a tempo hit for me when I've tested it, but if it's working for you, go for it. It's not something your opponent will expect. —
You've mirrored my sentiments exactly! :) —
Perhaps the value of Ice Carver will go up with the arrival of Paige Piper? —

A resource that might be considered essential for the fixed breaker suite. It brings all strength 4 ice into consideration of the likes of Yog.0 and Mimic, and yet it did not see that much of an impact over the history of the game.

This would likely be due to two particular points. First, its Unique status means you are only ever going to get one reduction of strength from it at a time, and future draws become dead cards. Second, as a resource it is still not tutorable, so to find it you have to draw and dig deep.

It also means that more setup would be required before running on certain pieces of ICE, meaning the runner slows down. Aggression, or a way to stall (Control) the aggression of the other side, is one of the more important concepts any CCG or LCG, and in Netrunner it is no different. If you are going to be including Ice Carver then you need other ways to make the corp not move as fast as it might, while you look for it and get it set up to take advantage of its ability.

Paige Piper might very well bring this card around again, allowing the extra copies to be tossed out of the deck early.

(Written during the meta of The Valley, part of the SanSan Cycle. For more reviews like it, visit

(The Valley era)
All ice except for Lotus Field, you mean. —
fair enough! Indeed, except Lotus Field. —