Enhanced Vision

♦ Enhanced Vision 1[credit]

Resource: Genetics
Influence: 3

The first time you make a successful run each turn, the Corp reveals 1 card at random from HQ.

Watch out fellas, this little lady's on the prowl!
Illustrated by Diana Martinez
Decklists with this card

The Valley (val)

#5 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)
The Valley
  • Updated 2017-04-09

    The revealed card is no longer revealed during the access phase; it immediately returns to its unrevealed state after the Corp shows the card to the Runner. [Official FAQ]


Tenma, doppelganger, Gene Conditioning Shoppe, sucker, dirty laundry, sec testing, desperado, 3 steps ahead, grifter, run synergy is real. Crims just need a good AI to help proc all this shit, since its easy to play around. Information on saving legworks, SDB, and HQI installs is very good, plus knowing when an agenda is due for the remote, plus knowing how much of the scorch combo is likely there, this card is vastly underrated right now. 1 credit is insane value, and if you GCS it, 2 peeks per turn is just insane. I love this in crimnal, 5/5.

(The Valley era)

This little thing over here has quickly become one of my favourite schticks.

Basically, for one click and one cred, it is going to flood you with bits of additional information that can only help your position, never hinder it, You can drop it on the board and then just go on about your usual business - do some Banks, more banks, some Laundry, Security Testing even, while this tells you everything you need to know about your opponent's deck, tactics, maybe even how badly is he screwed at the moment, might even give you a signal to launch this Legwork you were clutching from the very beginning of the game.

Enhanced Vision will even warn you about these Snares, Archangels and many other ugly things waiting out there in the HQ for you to reach out to them and burn your fingers.

Especially helpful against these ugly asset spam decks of late. While they hope to keep you distracted with all the trashable stuff they put between you and them, you will know when these precious points will be there to grab them, so you can finally put these Windows Solitaire fans out of their misery.

In a game which involves knowing, what's not to like about some additional knowledge as a reward for what you were meaning to do anyways?

(The Liberated Mind era)

I'm quite confused by the flavor of this card.

"Hey Los, congrats on wrecking that PAD Campaign! You still on for that smuggling job tonight?"

"Sorry Kati, I just learned NBN has the draft of another Project Beale at their HQ, going to spend the rest of the night breaking in a searching around for it."

"Huh, wouldn't it have been better to rummage their HQ before breaking their PAD Campaign?"

"Oh, I learned about the Project Beale while breaking their PAD Campaign."


"I have extremely good eyeballs."

"Enough to see things happening on other servers?"

"I have extremely good eyeballs."

"Wait, isn't running done by Brain-Machine Interface? So your meatspace eyeballs wouldn't enter into it at all?"

"I have extremely good eyeballs."

(Uprising era)

Perhaps this enhancement allows them to see trails of data / code / whatever leading back to HQ when they run? It's... not that complicated. Now, I think it probably should have been on access to be more in line with my reasoning, because why would an empty server / Archives reveal info?