Hardware • Install: 1 • Influence: 3

Xcredit,trash: Prevent X damage from a card currently being accessed.

"A little birdie told me..." -Khan
Criminal • Matt Zeilinger • Quorum 103
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Recon Drone
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Solid anti-trap tech. Still doesn't block non-damage traps like Ghost Branch, Shattered Remains or Plan B, but is fantastic protection from Snare!, Fetal AI, Prisec, and so on.

In my mind, it has three really important features:

  • It's hardware. (Cheap hardware, even!) Hardware is not easy for the corp to destroy. It might be vulnerable to Power Shutdown, but that's a pretty good telepgrah that you should worry about traps.
  • It blocks any type of damage. Cards that block any damage type are very rare, so this is significant. Being able to block Prisec, Project Junebug, and Cerebral Overwriter with the same card is noteworthy.
  • You don't have to spend the full amount. Project Junebug can result in a lot of damage at once, but often you don't need to block all of it to avoid a flatline - sometimes even blocking 1-2 is enough to keep you in the game, and this card lets you do that, and block partial damage.

This card works especially well with Armand "Geist" Walker: Tech Lord, since he gets the extra card-draw from using this. (Making him even harder to flatline.) Not sure if it's worth running over Sports Hopper, but probably at least worth considering. (Sometimes preventing damage is better than drawing enough to absorb it, especially for criminals, who traditionally lack ways to get things back after they lose them.)

(Quorum era)
Against Weyland, Recon Drone is actually good Power Shutdown fodder to save Corroder or Zu.13. Also hard counters Psychic Field. —