When Two Ice Walls Aren't Spicy Enough (5-0 Nottingham SC)

Tolaasin 722

Basically the same list that @seamus took to win the Edinburgh SC, but given the prevalence of Stabby Maxx at the moment, and after a chat with Seamus, we dropped one of the Ice Walls for an Afshar to shore up HQ a little. As it was, on the day, it did very little - though I wish in retrospect I'd been able to install it against a Gauntlet deck. All the wins were scoring out, runners had either too much money or misdirection to defeat the kill. Thanks again to Matt for organising the day, and to everyone for making it such good day of playing a childrens card game in a small room.

28 Apr 2019 same old things

Well done @Tolaasin! How do you play against reg crim with this? I always find myself too poor to threaten the kill.

29 Apr 2019 Tolaasin

You have to go fast, and honestly, the matchup if reg crim is on turtle is probably runner favoured. I tested a few games against nexus 419 the night before and lost 4-1, but went with the deck because I know it well and expected a lot of stabby maxx. As it was, my opponents were on shaper or Anarch and I did fine. Paulyg and I played out a casual match v Leela during our ID round, and I fluked a win after hitting corroder from hand on a steal. But honestly, you really have to hope for a good opener and keep jamming in a remote.

2 May 2019 ptc

Losing a Data Raven or HHN plus a Mausolus or Ice Wall for a couple IP Block might help if you're struggling against that pesky Turtle?