The least spicy tech card (1st at Edinburgh)

Seamus 4788

I was convinced the very popular MaxX list would make swift work of Mti, my other likely choice for corp.

Some brief testing suggested Argus had the speed to win before the remote could be taken apart. This meant giving a lot of ground to Reg Criminal but it felt like a necessary risk. I faced one MaxX and three Reg Crim which wasn't ideal but I did win so it was fine.

The list is basically unchanged since King of Servers way back in September. The tech card is the second Ice Wall in place of an Archer, to assist in dealing with ice destruction. I should probably play an Afshar or two though. That card was very annoying whenever I had to face it.

22 Apr 2019 Sanjay

There are so many wonderful ways to appreciate this game and appreciate deckbuilding, and I love how acutely "the tech card is the second Ice Wall" captures the mode of thinking that is all about really puzzling your last few card slots, carefully considering the meta, and making sure every card is pulling its weight.

22 Apr 2019 RvdH83

I feel the most problematic matchup for the deck is Power Tap-Nexus-419. You often don't have the tempo of locking out Aumakua, killing them is almost never going to happen, so what remains is rushing out like mad.

I'm on a similar build, but have one Meru Mati instead of an Ice Wall as some Aumakua protection on HQ. Afshar might be OK, but is still only 1 strength.

24 Apr 2019 themeanlady

Heart eyes emoji

27 Apr 2019 Rodge

Great deck - took it to second overall at Vienna SC. 3-1 in Swiss and 2-1 in top cut. Looking back, I would say it was my mistakes in piloting that stopped the deck doing even better! Thanks for publishing :)

28 Apr 2019 firesa

Love your work, and everything about this list except that I still think you should play armed intimidation. Because the card is cool ;) but thanks for continuing to post results with this list and ensuring that I continue to feel like a pale imitation.

On second reading of the list I should totally play a Fast Track in the space of the third Econ Warfare. Glad I clicked on the list ;)