Jinja Bio Vault Azmari

JuarezLM 1

Went 1-1 on a 7 person tournament in São Paulo. The record does not sound impressive, but the deck is pretty solid. Daily Quest gave me a lot of money on both games. Navi Mumbai City Grid was my attempted tech agains Surfer, but I didn't face any.

(I played only 2 Corp games because round one I ran 65min against an RP deck that didn't show any agenda for both of us except for one Nisei MkII each.)

The win was against ApocAlice. My servers were too taxing for her and I double-ICEd centrals antecipating a DDos. It paid off and Alice didn't manage to Apoc me the whole game, or get into my scoring remote.

The one loss was when the runner (Aesop's Hailey) and I were both at 6 points and I had the game winning Degree Mill double advanced in an suuuuuper taxing 4 ICE double Surveyor remote with a ready Bio Vault in it. The runner ran R&D and HQ looking for the only agenda unaccounted for, but no luck for him. I was sure I had the win. Then he ran Archives on click 3. There was one facedown in Archives. I considered for a second if I should pop Bio Vault to prevent an Apocalipse, but the whole deck style and influence count made be pretty sure he didn't have the card - and in that case, I needed the Bio Vault for the 4th click, since super rich ProCo/Aesop's Haley had money for running my scoring remote once. I let him have a successful run. 4th click he played a card I didn't even remembered existing: Notoriety. ggwp :sweat_smile: