19 (3rd @ Gamesville SC 5-1)

JJFluffy 100

Gamesville SC (16 in attendance) came in 3rd. This deck got me to top 4.

Why “19”? I named this deck 19 because that’s how many cards you are going to deck in one turn from R&D. I should of named it “Degenerate surprise”.

The basics: you draw your 6 Fear the Masses, make 4 runs with Eater and deck 19 cards in 4 runs with Bhagat to help.

The strat: you are going to draw all of your cards and as fast as possible, Fisk Seminars, Diesals, I’ve had worse and Earthrise will assist you. 3 origami and Box-e will get you a 16 card hand size to hold everything including your Fear the Masses.

“But JJ, you have no sentry breaker, how do you deal with x y and z?” Listen, you’re not running remotes and no sentry is stopping your Eater. You hate running because of the PTSD of getting 4 tags from hard hitting news and boom. If you’re playing against weyland make sure you install the black orchestra, don’t mess with Hortum. You have a current to deal with scarcity or anything annoying, also don’t worry about anything being a 1 of, you will draw it believe me.

If the Corp has 19 cards in R&D and you have eater, Bhagat, 6 FtM and 20 credits, it’s GG. If the Corp gets to 4 points and is threatening a win, just fire with whatever you have for 3 runs and check archives, usually you can deck 10-16 cards and more often then not pull out a victory.

Don’t prematurely fire, or run, it’s not worth it. I won against 2 MCA Austerity Policies and a Scarcity, you don’t care what the Corp is doing. You have one goal and I fired it 5 times and won each time.

18 Mar 2018 Grentain

Turns out, I should ICE HQ when I remember that Fear the Masses is a card. Pleasure playing with you today!

18 Mar 2018 JJFluffy

@Grentain Congrats on being top seed! Sorry for the luck on pulling ICE in time. Was fun playing with you, hope to see you at Regionals!

18 Mar 2018 maestro

Great job on the result! After having seen the full decklist, have you considered running inject? It's pretty incredible for draw and the only programs you really care about trashing are the origamis. Along that same note, due to the eater choice and some cards that could be switched out for some influence, have you ever considered running apocalypse? I think it would really help in asset spam and certain rush matchups to slow the Corp down sufficiently. Anyways, it's a really cool deck and it was great to meet you at the tournament. Hopefully I could play you next time in the draw.

18 Mar 2018 BizTheDad

I love the deck. I've played it a few times and it's fast and brutal. However, is 19 cards correct? FTM will trash 6, 5, 4, and then 3 without Bhagat which makes for 18. With Bhagat it's 22. Am I missing something?

18 Mar 2018 JJFluffy

@maestro I love Inject, but i'm too afraid of trashing the eaters to use it. I will try it and replace maybe the fisk to free up some influence. ! Haha, this deck started as an Apocalypse deck, i was running 2, then decided 1, then when I saw the Fear the Masses success I took it out completely. You could put 3 injects, get rid of the Fisks, put an Apoc (you'd still have 1 influence left). I actually may give that a try and see what happens. Take care, hope to play against you next time.

18 Mar 2018 JJFluffy

@BizTheDad Bhagat Only fires on the first run of the turn. That's why it's 19. I would love to rename it 22 if you can find a way :-)

18 Mar 2018 grudd

@BizTheDad Bhagat only fires for the first HQ run, so 18 and 1 for bhagat

19 Mar 2018 Jackson Howard

The masses are fearsome! Good to meet you at the tournament

19 Mar 2018 Two_EG

Rumor mill shoulf be an current here. Not just for defensive upgrades, but also helps against museum+city hall+consulting infinite current.

And why not Hades shard! That's a card for fear the mass deck...

19 Mar 2018 thunderfist

How many turns does it usually take to fire the combo?

19 Mar 2018 Sapph0


21 Mar 2018 ChairmanHiro

"No sentry is stopping your eater" ....Swordsman would like to have a word with you.

28 Mar 2018 sekoku

Hahaha. What a funny coincidence this is the first deck I see when I'm changing my Edward Kim: Humanity's Hammer deck out.

I'm the first person you played that deck against. :)

Your deck is similar to mine in regards to what it's doing: Draw up a Fear the Masses 6 card collection to run. But mine doesn't use your set-up.

As soon as you said "how many cards are in R&D" I knew something bad was about to happen.

"I hate that card."

"Yeah, but you ran it yourself...?"

I should've added (as Corp). And I shouldn't have played Jank at a tournament when the previous incarnation of said Jank at regional was solid. Ah, well my fault for not having Skorpios Defense Systems: Persuasive Power for the tournament.

(Also your deck isn't degenerate. At least there's some form of interactivity, compared to that one dude that played "The Cold Ones")

6 May 2018 CrowOfGames

I would suggest Game Day over Diesel if you are running Origami. I've also found that Peace In Our Time to be a tad faster than using Career Fair. And given that you are always just setting up for one big shot, you don't care about losing a turn of runs to Peace.