Satellite-guided Missile [Cache Refresh]

PureFlight 1040

Going into this Cache Refresh tournament, I focused heavily on what I thought the meta would be. Maybe too heavily. It's very hard to predict a CR meta because it's always changing. Plus this was a low-stakes online tourney, so folks weren't afraid to bring in some weird stuff.

I figured that Boom was good because Plascrete and Hopper were out. The next best defensive options are probably Citadel Sanctuary, Crash Space, and Biometric Spoofing. So Boom it was. What ID likes boom? Sync. Thought about CtM, but the influence hit is pretty challenging. After tweaking between games, this is the end result. Would consider swapping in Authenticator. My final record with this deck was 4-2.

Discoveries and Thoughts

  • Special Report will be seen a lot post-rotation for great flood-fighting and burst draw.
  • Aaron is very prevalent, along with Beth, Dean Lister, Temmy J, and Armitage. Paper Trail was almost always relevant, and even if the runner pays 5 to beat it, it's still a huge imposed tax.
  • GFI isn't as great as it is normally in Tagstorm because there's no Exchange of Information. I just have the one to save a slot (previously +1 Net Quar +1 Kitty).
  • I love Net Quarantine. It's a psuedo-econ agenda with some of the unavoidable traces a tagstorm deck presents.
  • 1x Preemptive Action to revive trashed Booms.
  • Reality Threedee was unbelievably good. HHN became extremely easy to bounce back from. Between R3D and Marilyn, the drip econ made this deck a powerhouse.
  • Sherlock 2 is so spicy
  • For the next several months, Jinteki will be insanely powerful in CR with Ben Musashi, Obokata, and Future Perfect because there's no Film Critic :-/

I really really really enjoy the format. It encourages new players to buy the newest packs first, which is probably smartest for them anyway. It also encourages lot of creative deckbuilding. CR metas will never be "solved" for long because of how much of an impact each new pack has on the meta. Hopefully we will continue to see lots of CR events in the future!

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