2 comets are enough, right? (CG 6th, POS 5th)

HiddenAway 1009

Based off NetDad's Top 16 Worlds deck

(Cue comments saying that 3 is obviously better than 2)

Three Comets are great. I decided to cut one to see how bad it got and it didn't feel that much worse. It's always galling when you slot 3 and get no Comets in all 3 of Ayla's draws. At least with just 2, you only have yourself to blame (this did happen in my game against Ben Ni - I found it 2/3rds of the way into my deck).

I also cut one Indexing and both Infiltration off the original list and added a Test Run (goes well with Oracle May), a Maker's Eye (for any Miraju shenanigans) and a Tinkering (which didn't get used much but in hindsight is good for ICE like Excalibur if you need to jump into a remote repeatedly).

The 3rd Comet became a Marathon but I ditched Marathon for a second Maker's Eye for President of Servers after realising that Marathon wasn't very good for metas which force you to run the remote 4 times per turn to get in (plus I was convinced I broke the rules on the card at some point - apologies if that was you reading this now).

Even a second Maker's Eye wasn't a great answer. If I tried this again, I might be tempted to slot an Injection Attack, which isn't great but more flexible and allows you to make a run in your Comet trigger. Either that or a Freedom through Equality for that post-Indexing run.

Everything else is the same as the Worlds deck. So, how did I do?

Charity Gift (Won 4, Lost 2 - 6th / 55)

  1. Beat Roland (BABW) This was an unfair matchup since I knew Roland's Jank Tank corp and had discussed it the night before. I just tried to gain lots of money and made sure the Punitive plan would never fire (it helps that I stole 8 points in one turn)

  2. Lost to Terje (Skorp) We had 10 minutes on the round due to a gruelling NEXT/Adam game so Terje's brilliant plan was to tempt me into a single ICE remote with 2 Batty and a Snare with a Mausolus. I won the first Batty psi game but lost the second and took 1 net damage and then 3 net damage. Which would have been fine - if it wasn't for the fact that it was a Stimhack run with 4 cards in hand after playing it.

  3. Lost to Alex White (Mti) I tend to be too passive against Mti regardless of the build and as a result I think Alex just rushed me out. I don't recall it much, sorry!

  4. Beat Patrick Gower (Engineering the Future) I blame this game for making me forget the previous one. I believe Patrick was on 5 points with me at 2 (or 0?) and I knew Biotic Vitruvius was pretty much the main win condition at that point. I indexed R&D with a Border Control protecting it. I manage to get it to fire and see the remaining 2 Vitruvius in the 5 cards. As it was too obvious that comet triggering into a Maker's Eye would alert Patrick to me stealing at least 2 agendas, I comet into Escher (no ICE on HQ I believe) and switch the Border Control to the remote (I think - or could have been archives). Then, I fire The Maker's Eye to steal the 2 Vitruvius. The game stalled out for a bit longer until I made another Maker's Eye dig into R&D and found the final agenda on the 3rd card -_- (Patrick would have won next turn).

  5. Beat Andy (AgInfusion) I handily stole an Obokata and Nisei early on and I think I managed to steal The Future Perfect from HQ before Andy could score out. I knew Andy's deck already. What are the chances of facing the only other 2 players from the Liverpool meta in a single day?!

  6. Beat Ben Ni (Biotech) Ben rushed to 4 points and milled my grip twice with Viral Weaponization and was ready to score an Obokata in an evil remote with TWO Kakugo protecting it. I manage to draw up thanks to Comet Diesel and Deuces (or 2 Deuces) and then used Escher to swap the 2 Kakugo to HQ and R&D before stealing the Obokata. Soon after that, I believe I Indexed and found the winning agenda in the play. I can't remember how I got the first agenda though...

President of Servers (Won 2, Lost 2 - 5th / 12, scoring 11/39)

  1. Lost to James (Titan) One critical error. Didn't challenge the first Atlas remote with SMC into Stimhack. Atlas scored and then the train just cycled through. Oh, and using Escher to swap 2 copies of Border Control with each other didn't help (one rezzed, one unrezzed).

  2. Beat Sam (CtM) Sam was agenda flooded for most of the game so wasn't able to play the way he intended. Ended up stealing a GFI from hand while making a double Notoriety run.

  3. Beat Swiftie (Blue Sun) I was tipped off to a Punitive strategy and had it confirmed after seeing it a few turns in from HQ. Used a Stimhack to steal a Government Takeover from the remote when he tried to advance it and I just about stayed out of Punitive range. Despite having Notoriety hit by the Stimhack I used to get GT, I had the second one already in hand and made the winning runs a turn later.

  4. Lost to Chris Dyer (Mti) I scored 1 point - Notoriety on the last turn. I was far too passive for most of the game and Chris just chained the Nisei's together. Maybe I could have used Escher. Maybe I could have used Tinkering on Excalibur. With 2 Nisei's and a Batty in the remote though, along with Border Control, there wasn't much of a window regardless (plus having to get to 4+ cards for Obokata).