Redder, Better, Faster, Stronger 1.1 (1-4 @Reading Regional)

swabl 337

Latest version of my BABW list, and boy did it do badly.

Swapped Mausolus for a 2nd Tithonium, NGO Front for the 3rd IPO, and perhaps riskily I cut Consulting Visit for the 3rd Death and Taxes (I have never used ConVis in any game with any version of this deck). None of these changes felt bad, except maybe losing an NGO Front.

The other notable change was experimenting with Divested Trust instead of Hostile Takeover. It did nearly win me a game with the cheeky Punitive synergy, but they failed to hit the agenda in HQ again. There may have been a game I could have won were they Hostiles and it would have been nice to clear Hacktivist too.

None of that explains the uncharacteristically awful day the deck had, only going 1-4.

Got beat by Apex, Gnat, MaxX and Freedom, beating another Freedom. Lot of ice destruction, lot of agendas being pinged from HQ at just the wrong time, just all around Not A Great Time.

Thankfully my runner went 4-1, leaving my 5-5 and 22nd.