Who or What is Pad Campaign?

emilyspine 1406

Hedge Funds and Pad Campaigns are for chumps, as is taking a side in the 3/1 debate. 2 QPM and 2 AR is perfectly acceptable.

Personalised Portal makes bankers-level money if it can stick around but you're also giving the runner tempo by drawing them cards so I went a bit heavier on the tag punishment to make sure I could leverage the credit lead. I swapped the usual Marilyn Campaign for a Crisium Grid as I knew there'd be at least one Apoc Val there but didn't need it in the end.

Went 2-2 at Preston SC (wins v Smoke and Reina, losses to 2x F**k Those Triggers Val, which was also my runner).

Congrats to my ctm bud Johno on making his third cut this season and to my testing partner rotage on his win and being King of Preston #teamnohedge

26 Mar 2018 rotage

@emilyspine Thanks, congrats on keeping the "Who or What" campaign going, you still have about 400 cards to use still

26 Mar 2018 Tolaasin

Apoc Val you say? What misguided person was on that?

27 Mar 2018 emilyspine

@rotagei may need to find a new brand