Mad Tinkerer 65

Paperclip is currently in almost every deck. Wouldn't it be nice if it could just PUFF disappear? Some would call it magic, others call it Ark Lockdown.

The base strategy is pretty simple, destroy the runners rig with Trojan Horse/Hellion Beta Test and make sure you don't have to deal with that cards again (Ark Lockdown).

I took the most destructive Ice ... for obvious reasons. Tithonium is really amazing because it's a barrier that can destroy Icebreakers. Most runners get reckless once they got their killer out. In addition it's great tech against Botulus/Chisel because it CAN NOT host cards. Also you might get the runner with a surprise rez from 0 by forfeiting an agenda, even you have to forfeit an Ikawah Project it might well be worth it.

The rest of the deck is trying to have more money than the runner.

24 Apr 2022 m.p

Looks neat, but are you sure that subliminal messaging is better than hedge fund here?

24 Apr 2022 m.p

Also, with pin doctor here, I think sprint is kinda overkill and could be swapped for some more econ like ngo front or hedge fund or for additional hellion beta test/ark lockdown

25 Apr 2022 Mad Tinkerer

@m.pFeel free to try out things, but from my experience Subliminal Messaging is crazzy in MirrorMorph. And the plan for Spindoctor is to get Trojan Horse/Ark Lockdowns back (as soon as possible) while sprint is to avoid flooding and find the destructive cards faster.