All-In SSO (4th King of Subways 2018)

YankeeFlatline 219

This deck was borrowed from Presheaf when I said hey does anyone have a good SSO deck and he delivered. It went 3-2 at King of Subways in NY and I believe was the best-performing SSO deck at the event. There were two others, I didn't see either of them in action.

The gameplan is simple: get the first 5/3 scored over a couple of turns while you build up a terrific board state to weather mid-game, then you score a Hostile Takeover and score another 5/3 with Biotic Labor and RPC. Sometimes you have to score out the last 5/3 the regular way, sometimes you have to Biotic/Fast Track/Score for the Hostile Takeover, and sometimes you drag them through a prickly server with a game-winning 5/3 so you can Punitive Counterstrike them.

This ID goes FAST, and every piece of ice in here is more or less taxing and none of it is expensive. It beat a RNG Val, an Au Revoir Wu, and a Clone Chip/Turtle Sunny. It got beat by a different RNG Val and a fun Adam build. Running 5/3s is tough when they can pick at R&D every turn.

The loss to the Val deck was rough. I installed an ice on Archives that I should have put on my scoring remote to make it taxing enough to double tap agendas through it, since I wasn't finding my combo pieces fast enough. I ended up installing over it so I could put the ice in the right spot but then I didn't have enough money to RPC the next turn because I rezzed the archives ice for a 1 credit tax. If I hadn't rezzed the ice, or had saved my Archived Memories for that instead of using it to get the taxing ice back, I could have scored out that turn. Rough.

The loss to Adam was also very interesting. A lack of early ice led to my HQ being open and he scored 4 points out of my hand, accessing the 2/5 agendas in there. I was fine with losing either one but both was a tough blow. I had my centrals adequately defended to prevent random hits and was just looking for the Agenda to score out with the Biotic/RPC combo. I drew it, and was ready to score out, but he hit Archives and saw that the top card would win him the game and YOLO'd through the two unrezzed pieces of Ice on the server. He ended the run with 0 credits but an access to the agenda that won him the game. It was tense.

I like this deck a lot, it goes fast and wins easy and has a backup gameplan when your first one doesn't work. I think it would have a hard time, but not unwinnable, against someone with both Film Critic and Clot, but I didn't see that deck here. In testing it performed well against a Pirate Hayley build but I didn't see that at the tournament either. I think this ID is a lot more consistent and viable than people gave it credit for when it was leaked, including myself who thought it was hot garbage. Its losses were due to piloting error.

This is such a new ID that some people I played against had not seen it in action before and they seemed amused by it when they read the ID card but were not as amused afterwards. It's nasty, I love it, thank you Presheaf.

26 Apr 2018 Navelgazer

I was the Adam deck he talks about here and I can confirm that that game was largely a matter of extremely good luck on my part, both in hitting the 2 agendas early on (and not having any punitive to face after doing so) and having exactly the number of credits I needed to run two unrezzed ICE blind. This deck was solid and I really felt like I stole the win away from it.

26 Apr 2018 Discipel

Is there a reason why the deck is running Paywall instead of Death and Taxes?

26 Apr 2018 presheaf

For me, it would be that Paywall is 0 creds as opposed to 2 to play, so it's better for the early tempo this deck wants.

26 Apr 2018 presheaf

I should mention though that I tried cutting my Paywalls for Scarcities, but @yankeeflatline talked me back into Paywall. I keep waffling and could be talked back, but I think Paywall is the right choice. You're generally happier being rich enough to rez your ice early than having the Runner poor, and Paywall deters early runs when your centrals are weak.

26 Apr 2018 YankeeFlatline

yeah when you get paywall up it encourages the runner to sit back and make sure their runs are going to count which is exactly where you want them to be.

5 May 2018 Burn_The_Peasants

This deck is actual garbage. Please delete.

5 May 2018 YankeeFlatline

Did someone hurt you with this deck buddy

8 May 2018 phette23

If you're FAing the final two agendas, this ID reads "get two free advancement counters on ICE"—is that better than BoN, Titan, Argus? I guess if it is really fast I could see those two counters matter more in a six-turn game but a single ID ability trigger all game long feels bad.

8 May 2018 presheaf

It's get 6 free advancement counters, not 2, because the ID gives you 3 tokens each time it fires.

8 May 2018 YankeeFlatline

And it's more like 9-15 in a lot of games because you can leave that first agenda out for a good long time