'Vanilla Sundae' Sunny - 1st place Cardiff GNK

Dr_Madhatter 475

Mmm, Vanilla!

This deck did well at the Rules of Play tournament in Cardiff yesterday. She lost 1 game (against RP) over 5 rounds in a field of 13 really good players (South Wales meta is growing stronger together!).

The deck was built the night before the tourny so is unrefined (I'd consider dropping the Dyson mem chip, which is only there for the extra MU to keep datafolding online if all multithreader get installed), however, the deck is full of good stuff.

The drip econ is strong and goes towards runs rather than installing other cards due to the discounts I get from Career Fair, Scrubber and Modded.

Drip decks excel at RND lock and having the 2 RDI as well as Globalsec Security Clearance can prevent too many fruitless runs. Infiltration is versatile and can really save your bacon - a good filler in a 50 card deck, but probably another 2 flexible slots.

Sunny lacks tutoring so in goes 3 Quality Time and a Special Order. She also lacks recursion, hence the 2x of each of her lovely breakers (the prettiest rig to look at when all 3 are on the table!)

Not much else to say about the deck. Sunny is a good all-rounder and is a welcome break from playing the more popular archetypes around at the moment.

9 Nov 2015 unitled

No power tap, 0/10.

I really like the look of this, will try and give it a spin. Dyson is the only card I wasn't sure about at first glance, and I'd maybe go Plascrete to NACH as I feel you're really vulnerable to something like The All-Seeing I. Possibly they could stand in for Infiltration as well.

9 Nov 2015 Dr_Madhatter

@unitled NACH is a good shout. Probably over 1 or 2 of the infiltrations or even the Dyson mem chip. I really like having 2 plascretes so I wouldn't cut one of them!

9 Nov 2015 hi_impact

Security Nexus is one of the biggest reasons to play Sunny. It in itself gets around Sunny's tutoring problem and you are even playing Modded.

I think it's a mistake at the moment not to play it.

9 Nov 2015 Dr_Madhatter

@hi_impact I'm tempted to try it. The reasons I didn't were because I thought I'd not have the deck space to invest in link. However there's like 2 slots for Access to Globalsec if I remove the Infiltration. Then just replace the Dyson mem chip with security nexus. Personally, I'm not too sure about nexus. Sunny takes time to build and taking the tempo hit for a console which might not be effective if the corp is rich might be a bad call. It's a great card if the corp is low on creds.

9 Nov 2015 hi_impact

I'm running on anecdotes so far - I have only played Apex so far of the new runners. But I have played against Sunny about 10 times, and talked to many others about her suite - and the universal opinion (and the times she's won) has been based off an early (turn 3 or less) Security Nexus + Link tool.

The best link tools I've seen so far have been Rabbit Hole, Compromised Employee, and Power Tap. Even one of these + her console mean she can effectively break any ICE for 1c or less, or I can vamp myself for a simple ETR+tag., which is a losing proposition for a Corp.

10 Nov 2015 jawZ

I think that Security Nexus is not needed at all. The console is utterly expensive, though strong for sure. But it slows down her setup time even further. Considering that it needs more link to really work, you become forced to play even more support cards. The Security Chip is good even with 2 and at least 2 cloud breakers out. Yes, both cards make link in your deck stronger, but not strong enough to warrant slowing Sunny down that much. I would advise to stay with Sunnys 2 .

The biggest reason to play her is because she enables drip econ from Underworld Contact and Data Folding without any setup. And that's basically it.

I like the Quality Time over Drug Dealer, it works with Modded and Career Fair. I think Scrubber is a decent option, yeah why not. I question the Film Critic, it's not needed. Save the Influence for another Special Order, R&D Interface or some HQ threat maybe. Infiltration and Dyson Mem Chip or indeed very replaceable. Think about Dirty Laundry for some burst money and some occasional remote checks as an alternative. I disliked the Globalsec Security Clearance in my testing, just R&D lock and better save your click.

10 Nov 2015 Dr_Madhatter

@jawZ Thanks for the comment! I agree with what your saying.

The 3 flex slots (dyson memchip, infiltrations) are proving tough to fill without losing one of the influence splashes. Im happy with where the inf is. I really like having 2 Film Critic, it can prove to be vital in certain matchups, even if those matchups are rarer now, due to the card itself. Also, Scrubber is really awesome in the current meta. Im going to experiment with adding a singleton Jak Sinclair, a Armitage Codebusting and an New Angeles City Hall based on @unitled's recommendation.

23 Nov 2015 Dr_Madhatter

Just an update to anyone interested: after some testing ive removed 1 multithreader, the dyson mem chip and 1 infiltration. Then added 2 security chips and 1 stimhack. I find that, even though these cant be recurred, it gives her some nice boost economy which can help in sticky situations.