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NerdimusPrime 8

This is my very first attempt at deckbuilding since picking up the game a few weeks ago, and I decided to focus on NBN's tagging specialty. This deck is utter crap, but I want to learn by experience what makes a good deck, rather than only using someone else's work. Sets used: Core, Future Proof

12 Dec 2014 NerdimusPrime

12/11/14 (v0.1): First use of this deck (and only my 8th AN game ever) against the core set Anarch deck. I won, but I shouldn't have. Here are the problems I've identified with the deck already:

Problems with my tactics:

  • The cards started out sorted and grouped. I didn't shuffle them enough, and only got one piece of ice for quite a few turns.

  • I didn't use my initial ice to protect HQ and R&D.

  • Instead, I used my first ice (Wall of Static) to protect a remote server with Ghost Branch, which I should have left undefended after putting a couple of advancement tokens on it as a lure.

Mistakes by my opponent:

  • He wasn't aggressive enough. HQ and R&D went undefended for awhile, and he should have been hitting them every turn.

  • He spent a lot of time and money building up his rig before attacking. He finally started hitting HQ, and got an agenda on the first run, but only assets and operations after that, until I got a Tollbooth installed and rezzed. By then I also had ice on R&D (which I couldn't rez for lack of money).

  • He made no effort to remove tags, which allowed me to trash his Armitage Codebusting. By his admission, that move cost him the game, but he's even less experienced at this than I am.

12 Dec 2014 Harliquine

I have been working on something similar myself with this ID. I have a Near PAD deck but I just like this ID for some reason. My suggestions are to build it like a standard fast advance deck on the surface so look for biotic labor, astroscript pilot program, and keep the matrix analyzers in there. This goal here being to start an astro train as an alternate victory condition as well as to put pressure on the runner. Next add pop up windows. You put one these on your Centrals to generate income on the runners turn. They don't do much good on remotes. For more economy try diversified portfolio and pad campaigns. The object here is to open up 9 or so remotes so that you generate cash money when you need it. Next keep the archers. Once a breaking news is scored you can sack one to Rez an archer and catch a runner by surprise. Those things are expensive to break and cause a lot of pain going into them. Lastly I'd keep the scorches in there for the kill. Pilot them by adding city survalence to tax the runner. You may as well dump the priority req and put in NAPD contracts to buffer a runners ability to steal.

12 Dec 2014 NerdimusPrime

Thanks very much for the feedback! I'll definitely be giving those changes a try. So far I only own the core set and Future Proof, so I have some things to add to my xmas list.

12 Dec 2014 Pinkwarrior

Harliquine's suggestions r all good however i am amusing you only have the 2 packs you mentioned in your description.

Personally i think 3x Flare is excessive and very expensive to get up especially with tollbooths been in the deck id scale it back to 1x Flare i find the surprise value is enough to make it really good and keeps them on their toes after seeing one, you have a 1 off Archer 2 to add to the power ice things like hunter is great as a tax ice as it's cheap and costly to get through less they take the tag which you actually want.

I wouldn't bother with Matrix Analyzer its ability generally dose nothing and its trace and str is sub par to Hunter so id say that's a better call.

Some cards i suggest you look at are:- Snare! dose damage and gets you a tag that they have to get rid of also works with Dedicated Response Team assuming its resed when they access it as DRT hits when the run ends.

Shadow can fill the roll of pop-up window and has a trace on it like hunter bit on the costly side for what it is tho and not 2 strong.

Chum awesome card dose damage cheap strong and basically has end the run as its sub because otherwise they risk death. Downside situational if theirs nothing behind it, it's useless.

13 Dec 2014 NerdimusPrime

You're right: I only have those two packs at the moment, and your suggestions use cards I already own so I'll be able to try them right away. Thanks much!

13 Dec 2014 Pinkwarrior

@NerdimusPrime Your welcome that was the aim to give you advice on what you already have. I wish you luck.

19 Dec 2014 NerdimusPrime

@Pinkwarrior Well, my roommate kicked my ass with this Noise deck from Oniya: netrunnerdb.com

I didn't protect HQ well enough in general, and he kept using Medium to look through R&D and steal agendas. Once Red Herrings was in place, it kept him from stealing agendas outright (he was often short on credits), but he kept a mental count of where the agendas were in R&D. When an agenda reached the top of the deck, he installed a virus, which trashed the top card. Then he ran my unprotected Archives and stole the agenda.

He didn't figure out that trick until very late in the first game, and I didn't catch on to what he was doing until the second game, but by then it was too late. The description of Oniya's deck even states that it makes Archives a good target, but I didn't understand how, and assumed my opponent wouldn't either. Won't make that mistake again.

19 Dec 2014 NerdimusPrime

Oops, that deck link should have been netrunnerdb.com

19 Dec 2014 Pinkwarrior

@NerdimusPrime well sounds like you opponents lernt quite abit :). I would think you 2 id advise always defending your Archive from Noise: Hacker Extraordinaire, i personally try to always defend it with something in general that's more a personal preference though i don't like my opponent gets free Dirty Laundry's or Datasucker tokens, also you never know they may hit you with Sneakdoor Beta.

Something i hadn't notice till now is your deck size it's a little small most corp decks go to 49 cards as this is the highest you can get in your deck without needing more agendas this is to help dilute the agenda density meaning they should turn up less often, id also try to get it down to 20 points but tbh with only the 2 packs your abit stuck for what to run and 2 breaking news is standard for NBN.

19 Dec 2014 NerdimusPrime

I hadn't noticed the 49 cards thing, thanks for the tip. My first thought on what to use those three extra slots for might be two more Red Herrings, to make it more costly to run my central servers. It worked well for R&D, but I'm sure there's something better I could use. I'm hoping to get some datapacks for xmas, so I'll have more options later.

20 Dec 2014 Pinkwarrior

Well on the subject of datapack's id say Opening moves and Double time are the one's you want first for this deck, Mainly for NAPD Contract, Quandary & Jackson Howard.