No Breakering the Meta

Tamijo 141

I know what you're thinking. Lucky Charm? No, you don't understand.

Unlike Corp side, I'm struggling to make something truly broken with the Runner cards in Gateway, but I might've found something a bit special here. This deck was designed on April 1st, and win six out if its nine games. I am therefore declaring the meta solved, and Icebreakers a thing of the past.

Move over, Swimmy Turtle, it's Sleepy Snake time!

There's honestly not that much to say about this deck. Botulus is completely broken, Tranquilizer is impossible to deal with, and nobody truly ever respects just how many 2c run events six really is. Not to mention 2c Hardware and Resources.

This deck can't afford to run every turn, this deck struggles when your opponent slows the game to a crawl and puts 5 Ice on a server, and this deck struggles when you just don't draw particularly well, but with just enough messing about, you too can beat a Standard deck playing Macrophage while tagged and only using Resources and Virus Programs.

You can watch me being incredibly rude right here if that's your kind of thing.

3 Apr 2021 Pinkwarrior

Have you thought about using Steve Cambridge: Master Grifter instead so you can get all your stuff back once used or is the econ and smaller deck size more crucial to the list?

3 Apr 2021 Tamijo

This is something I thought of while I was playing the deck/after the end of the stream. The credits from Zahya are nice, but being and to buy cards back in this deck seems really, really good.

Finding the extra five cards for these slots does seem difficult, but not impossible. Maybe even Forged Activation Orders could see a slot????