Eddy Kim in Disguise (Derby Regional)

SubTric 432

This is basically a take on the Ed Kim deck I took to Euros two years ago, pushing my fav combo ever - Gang Sign, Spoilers and Maw. I decided to run it out of Leela for a change for extra disruption and I am almost afraid to say that it works better this way.

The deck went 2-2 on the day but even the losses were seriously good fun. It's surprisingly easy to get accesses once set up and spoilers does a ton of work allowing you the chance to grab an agenda from the bin, bounce the ice on HQ, Embezzle HQ naming ice etc. Lots of fun plays if you like your games to be a little chaotic.

Scarcity hurts the deck though, so I'd prob drop a Diversion of Funds or an Inside Job for an extra current probably Interdiction, but anything to clear the Scarcity is good).