2nd Place Euregio VII - Smokey McPot

JackMade 3251

I will add a Description later. Went 5-2 overall, losing in the Top3 Cut against CI and against Titan FA in a close match.

22 Oct 2017 ANRguybrush

Why are you not playing criminal? oO

23 Oct 2017 TKO

The title says 2nd place, but on Alwaysberunning.net is says you got first place?

23 Oct 2017 Dalhill

The Euregio have traditional a Top 3 Cut and this you cannot add :-) Jackmade was on the first place after 6 rounds swiss and second after the Top 3 cut.

23 Oct 2017 JackMade

@guy.brush Smoke is my kind of Shaper.