LLDS Processing with Exile 1.2

Dragon53170 226

The idea is now just to use one shot programs when you need them to put on early pressure and eventually set something up on the dinosaurus for the long run.

Added a couple of test runs and swapped cards that ended up being dead in my hand for more economy.

28 Jan 2014 Alsciende
  • I'd remove Net Shield, doesn't combo and you already have Deus X.
  • Scavenge is so good in that deck, why not 3?
  • since you play Scavenge, I'd put Cyber-Cypher as well. Yog.0 is severely limited without Suckers anyway.
  • I'd remove Easy Mark, 1x Corroder, 2x Yog.0, 1x Faerie to play 2x Account Siphon and 3x R&D Interface.
29 Jan 2014 Dragon53170

I did end up playing a slightly modified version of this in a local store tournament. Swapped the easy mark for a second femme. I won 2 out of the 3 matchups I used it in. I think you're right about the net shield not being needed but I really like being able to search up yog with test run or smc. Sharpshooter actually preformed very well too. It cuts through archer like it was nothing.